Now you can access reliable workers with clearance to return season after season.

Agri Labour Australia is an approved sponsor of the Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) – an initiative of the Department of Employment.

The SWP lets employers in the Australian agriculture industry hire workers from participating Pacific Islander countries who are able to return year after year.

Why recruit through the Seasonal Worker Programme?

There are many benefits for employers:

  • No need to source and train a new workforce each year
  • Access to physically able workers who are happy to be here experiencing Australia and earning a good wage
  • Contributing to the economic development of our nearby island neighbours.
Seasonal Worker Programme
SWP Participating Nations

Connections on the ground

Not only are we a pre-approved, fully compliant sponsor of the Programme, we are also connected with local labour-sourcing partners and recruitment agencies in the SWP region.

Our dedicated SWP team is aware of the regulations and legalities associated with recruiting SWP workers, and we have established processes that ensure these are strictly adhered to.

Seasonal Worker Programme

Ask us more

If you're looking to fill skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled positions in the agriculture industry, contact us about the Seasonal Worker Programme.