At Agri Labour Australia, we pride ourselves on being different from other Labour Agencies. We do this by treating every person as an equal and recognising that everybody has their own different strengths and skill set. The key values we look for in staff are, Attitude, Work Ethic and Passion.

If you believe you share these values like our staff in our Candidate Testimonials, we urge you to contact us.

Candidate Testimonials

Wayne Kennedy

Machine Operator

“The experience of working with people from around the world has been amazing. I’m too young to retire and I’m happy to work.”

Rex Wang

Leading Hand

“If you can work hard and you have a good attitude, Agri Labour is your best choice”

Äge & Karl

Fresh Produce QA/Tractor Operator

“If you really want to you can achieve anything here, the doors are all open. If you’re a hard worker, it’s definitely worth coming to Australia.”

Agri Labour Australia Veterans Program

Joshua Donnelly

Grain Handler/Forklift Operator

“The long hours and the work that you have to put in is really good for your PTSD, because it doesn’t give you time to think about negative things.”

Tim Westera

Grain Handler

“Agri Labour didn’t just throw us out there, they came out quite a few times to visit to make sure we were going alright.”

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