Beyond the traditional local candidate avenues, Agri Labour Australia has developed a diverse network of recruitment streams that are called upon when local supply does not meet client demand.

Migrants and Refugees
Indigenous Employment

Migrants and Refugees:

We believe and advocate for the training and development of migrants and refugees who are committed to taking on a new life within Australia’s agricultural industry. We partner with TAFE providers and Registered Training Organisations that offer training to migrants and refugees.

Indigenous Employment:

We have joined forces with Bud Stretton Consultancy to improve employment opportunities for indigenous groups throughout Australia and to enhance indigenous relations with businesses.

International Workforce:

Investing in well-trained overseas workers delivers increased production and higher service levels for most agriculture businesses. We have an office in Taiwan and a number of Mandarin speaking consultants, as well as a European regional office, based in the strategic agricultural town of Beauvais dedicated to finding unskilled and semi-skilled overseas workers who are keen to work, and who fully understand what a role in agriculture entails.

Mature Workforce:

Affectionately known as ‘Grey Nomads’, mature employees are the hidden gems of the agriculture industry with fewer turnovers, lower absenteeism and fewer work-related injury rates. When you are looking for stable, reliable, safe, well-trained and positive employees, grey nomads are ideal.

International Workforce
Mature Workforce
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