Agri Labour Australia is an Approved Employer of the Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP). The SWP is an initiative of the Department of Jobs and Small Business that allows employers in the Australian agriculture industry to hire workers from participating Pacific Islander countries who can return year after year.

Why recruit through the Seasonal Worker Programme?

There are many benefits for employers:

  • No need to source and train a new workforce each year
  • Access to physically able workers committed to ongoing work in Australia
  • Chance to help our nearby island neighbours develop economically.

What are the participating nations?

The Seasonal Worker Programme is aimed at workers from:

Group 1

Connections on the ground

Not only is Agri Labour Australia a pre-approved, fully compliant sponsor of the SWP, we are also connected with local labour-sourcing partners in the participating nations.

Agri Labour Australia has a dedicated SWP team who are fully aware of the regulations and legalities associated with recruiting SWP workers.

We have established processes in place to ensure compliance and maximum benefits for employers and candidates.

Empowering the women of PNG

Many agriculture employers are unaware that female workers from Papua New Guinea are hard-working and have agriculture experience.

Agri Labour Australia is working with clients to offer the women of PNG diverse work opportunities via the SWP.

When you hire women from PNG, you’re doing more than just giving someone a job. You’re empowering a disenfranchised demographic with valuable skills and experience.

Supporting the SWP in this way gives women and girls the opportunity to earn a living and develop marketable skills in a safe and secure environment – away from the challenges they face in PNG.

Get on Board

From initial request to commencement of work, the turnaround time for recruiting SWP workers is approximately 8 weeks.

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