Looking to hire long-term staff? Agri Labour Australia specialises in recruiting for Permanent agriculture roles across Australia. Our Permanent recruitment expertise is sought by agribusiness of all sizes who require year-round staff to complement their seasonal workforces.

A deeper understanding for greater efficiency

Effective Permanent recruitment for agriculture requires comprehensive knowledge of the industry and its day-to-day realities.

As agriculture specialists, Agri Labour Australia is best positioned to source qualified candidates with the niche skills and training your operation needs.

When you need to hire a Permanent employee in agriculture (for example, a Farm Manager), dealing with a metropolitan recruiter who is only in touch with a white-collar city network is unlikely to produce the right candidate.

A mainstream general recruiter won’t have the network reach or know-how of an agriculture specialist.

Going the extra mile

Agri Labour Australia’s Permanent recruitment team partners with you to optimise your agriculture workforce for performance, flexibility and productivity.

We do this in a consultative capacity by sharing our insider knowledge of recruiting in the agriculture space. From placing the perfect candidate, to assembling a balanced team, to advising on compliance issues, we can ensure your workforce is primed to boost your bottom line.

Combining our temporary and permanent recruitment solutions allows us to develop ongoing collaborative relationships with our clients and candidates.

Most in-demand permanent positions

We frequently source talented, experienced candidates for a variety of permanent roles, including but not limited to:

  • Operations Managers
  • Farm Managers
  • Assistant Farm Managers
  • Farm Hands
  • Agronomists
  • Viticulturists
  • Logistics & Supply Coordinators
  • Diesel Technicians
  • Tractor Drivers
  • MC Truck Drivers
  • Mechanics
  • Territory/Site Managers

Any area, any skill set

Whether you need short-term semi-skilled staff, long-term skilled staff or a full-time executive in a permanent role, we can assist.

Our reliable network of skilled and unskilled candidates have what it takes to contribute to a fully optimised workforce.

Many of our people have practical experience working on a variety of agricultural sites around Australia.

Having a large pool of candidates allows us to retain candidates with in-demand skills and move crews from one project to the next in a short time frame.

This satisfies our clients seeking people who can hit the ground running, and our candidates who wish to work continuously throughout the year.

This approach ultimately reduces training costs and increases productivity.

Expansive digital reach

Agri Labour Australia’s candidate generation strategies and network engagement are the most sophisticated in the agriculture industry.

Our digital marketing strategy allows us to recruit for Permanent roles by connecting with candidate streams throughout Australia and overseas.

From search engines to social platforms, Agri Labour Australia dominates the rankings for agricultural job searches.

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