Nov 27, 2018

Applying for agriculture labour roles – hot tips for candidates

Working in the Australian agriculture industry is an exciting and highly rewarding experience where no two seasons are the same. Our country offers so much diversity in terms of crops, climate, incredible scenery and lifestyle if you’re willing to give things a go! There are also plenty of different types of farm work available, which keeps life interesting.

As one of Australia’s leading agriculture recruiters, we see many applications from job candidates each week. We’ve refined our processes for identifying the most suitable candidates for a job and the key attributes we look for when reading through applications.

Here are our tips for what makes an outstanding candidate and a few things to keep in mind when applying for an agriculture role:


Flexibility & Availability  

 Agriculture work is seasonal and can be extremely weather-dependent, which means job start and finish dates can vary greatly. As we say in the office: “Workers look to the recruiters, recruiters look to the farmers and farmers look to the sky.”

  • Tip – Patience and flexibility is important and can often lead to other roles in the future if you are readily available and prepared to adapt to changing harvest and season demands.



Having your own car is a huge bonus when applying for agriculture roles. Your opportunities are greater due to your ability to travel instead of needing roles with onsite accommodation or relying on others to get you to work.

  • Tip – Consider buying a car to increase your job choices and travel opportunities.


Licences & Qualifications

To legally operate machinery in Australia, you must hold relevant licences. Many employers are looking for people with experience in driving forklifts and trucks and are often prepared to pay more for those licensed skills.

  • Tip – Obtain machinery licences/qualifications to increase your job options.



Honesty pays off! As your recruiter, we would rather know upfront if you are unable to commit to a whole season or if you’re planning to move on. That way, we can find the right job to better suit your needs.

Some jobs require drug and alcohol testing, which can be problematic to you in the long term if you fail. If you’re unsure about this in any way, please talk to us so we can assist you through the process.

  • Tip – Be as open and honest as possible with your recruiters. It will save everyone a lot of time in the long run. We are genuinely here to help and offer confidential discussions if you need us.


Here are some more quick tips to help you be a great candidate:

  • Be reliable! Working hard, doing what you say you will and turning up on time each day will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Be committed to the job – it can lead to better positions and long-term work relationships.
  • Be prepared to work your way up. Performing well in a lesser role shows recruiters and employers you’re a willing worker who’s as an asset to any team. This is always helpful for future roles!
  • Travelling alone makes it much easier to hire you.
  • Always be polite – good manners go a long way in getting people to help you find work.
  • Be positive and patient – recruiters will take note of your attitude.
  • Don’t be too choosy – if you are contacted for a few work opportunities and don’t accept any, you may not receive further contact.
  • Keep in touch with us regularly to show you’re keen to work.
  • Be professional and maintain your working relationships.
  • Ask for references or permission to contact your previous employers.


For more information and to apply for jobs with Agri Labour Australia, visit our job board or call 1300 247 823.

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