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    Are you dreaming of an international working experience?

    Could you see yourself living and working with a bunch of friends in New Zealand?

    If you want to travel overseas and experience another culture, you could be part of a team packing kiwifruit in New Zealand for twelve weeks.

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    Get set to work, travel and play

    Options for international travel have been severely limited
    by the global impact of COVID-19, and many people have
    found themselves yearning for their next overseas adventure.

    Thanks to Agri Labour Australia, lucky Australians could grab a role
    in the New Zealand kiwifruit industry in March 2022 – spending
    twelve weeks earning money packing fruit before setting off to
    enjoy the country’s world-renowned extreme sports, party towns
    and breathtaking scenery.

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    Ready to work,
    travel and play?

    Do you know your grading from your stacking?
    Take your pick from a variety of jobs.

    With a wide variety of roles on offer for the 12 weeks of employment,
    there’s truly something for everybody. Available positions include:

    • Grader

      grading quality of fruit.

    • Packer

      packing fruit into bins, boxes, cartons, trays etc.

    • Repacker

      repacking fruit into other boxes and cartons, which might be required based on quality issues or opportunities.

    • Stacker

      stack the graded & packed fruit.

    • Tray prepper

      putting trays together for the packers.

    • Picker

      picking fruit.

    • Winter pruning

      pruning (after the packing season).

    what's included

    We make it easy for you to start your next adventure.

    At Agri Labour Australia, we want to make it as simple and stress-free as possible for you to live
    and work in New Zealand. That’s why we’ve taken care of things like employment, accommodation
    and flights – so you’re free to to enjoy every second of your travels.

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    Twelve weeks guaranteed packing work in the iconic New Zealand kiwifruit season

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    Accommodation whilst working, at a small cost to you

    take a hike

    Flight costs, up to $800 + transport from the airport to your workplace

    outdoor adventures

    On-site Agri Labour Australia representative to answer your questions and offer 24/7 support

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    Endless opportunity and adventure to explore everything New Zealand has to offer

    Who is Agri Labour Australia?

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    We’re all about creating a community of happy candidates.

    Founded in 2010, Agri Labour Australia is a industry-leading specialist in agricultural recruitment – placing thousands of candidates in successful placements every year across Australia and beyond. Since we started our business, we’ve always focused on building a warm sense of community and on-the-ground support for all our candidates, and our team works hard to ensure every candidate feels like a valued part of the wider Agri Labour Australia family.


    Everything you need to know about your working holiday in New Zealand.

    Who is eligible for the opportunity?

    Can I choose the job I want to do?

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    What happens if either country locks down due to

    When does the work placement begin?

    Where are the roles located?

    What does the job involve?

    How much can I expect to earn?

    Do I need a visa?

    What if I want to leave early?

    Who can I talk to with questions whilst I am there?

    Can I work and live with my friends?

    What if I want to work for longer than the twelve weeks?

    Do I need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to be able to take part?

    Who is Apata?

    Ready to start your adventure?

    Spaces are limited, so make sure you don't miss out!

    To register your interest we’ll need to get some of your details. When you click the button below
    you’ll be taken to our application form – it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete.

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