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Agri Labour Australia delivers casual and short-term farm work candidates to agribusinesses across the agriculture-rich regions of New South Wales. If you’re looking for farm work or agricultural work in New South Wales , our experienced team can find you a position using our extensive digital reach and long-standing networks.

No matter what time of the year you require agricultural employment or farming jobs in NSW, we always needs people for general farm work and agricultural positions across various sectors in New South Wales, and inline with the seasonal harvest calendar. Unskilled and skilled farm workers that can do other farm duties are invited to apply for casual, seasonal and part time jobs.

Mobilising workforces for New South Wales farm work in line with the national harvest calendar

Our team has extensive experience delivering workforce solutions for winter and summer field crops (including forage and fodder crops), with pastures that extend from Queensland and follow the farm work season down to NSW.

Generally speaking, Queensland crops come into season earlier because the weather is warmer. This allows Agri Labour to immediately mobilise reliable workforces from Queensland to secure agricultural employment for new jobs in NSW. Having no gap between Queensland and NSW agriculture jobs allows us to retain skilled workers who may otherwise disperse to look for alternative employment.

Our NSW agricultural employment opportunities aren’t limited to farm work in the country – we also provide reliable workforces for agricultural work jobs in New South Wales’ metropolitan and regional agribusinesses in Sydney, Newcastle, Orange, Wagga Wagga, Wollongong, Tamworth, Bathurst, Port Macquarie and Dubbo.

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Essential commodities in New South Wales need reliable workers every year

From the Tweed in the north through to Tumbarumba in the south, Agri Labour Australia sources various types of workers to handle processing jobs, production jobs and packing jobs for fruits and vegetables throughout the state.

Direct from Queensland, Agri Labour also assembles crews of farm workers to fill seasonal jobs and positions in the grain, broadacre farming (cotton, cereals, oilseeds and pulses) and cotton gin industries, which are concentrated around the inland regions of Northern NSW.

On the north-east coast of NSW and in the north-western area of the state (regional NSW), we work with a number of well-known agricultural clients in the nut industry, both in harvesting jobs, mixed farming operation jobs and processing jobs.

Poultry businesses are an important part of our client base in Queensland and New South Wales. Throughout NSW, we assist egg and meat-producing clients with finding suitable candidates for both short and long-term farm jobs. As well as animal husbandry jobs, experienced farm operators, farm managers, assistant farm managers, farm hand, station hand, veterinarian jobs, general farm hand jobs, machinery operation jobs and management roles, our recruitment specialists assist with the construction of various agriculture operations (for example, poultry facility installation jobs).

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A fruitful source of agricultural employment

New South Wales’ farms supply a large proportion of Australia’s fruit and vegetables, and they all need reliable farm workers at different times of the year to fill seasonal jobs. For instance, apples are a major crop that grows prolifically in parts of NSW. Generally a seasonal cold climate fruit, most apples are grown around Batlow and Orange. Limited varieties are also grown in Forbes, the Sydney basin and the Northern Tablelands. Pears and nashi are also grown in on a much smaller scale.

Another important crop in NSW is berries. Principally grown in the northern, central and southern tablelands, as well as the mid-north coastal regions, berries are a vital commodity and picking requires specialised training. Agri Labour Australia regularly assembles and trains teams of farm workers to handle the delicate fruit and ensure production runs smoothly.

A variety of seasonal stone fruits are also grown in the state, including cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots and prunes. Agri Labour Australia supplies workforces and backpackers looking for work for both temperate and low-chill stone fruit producers.

With a production area of around 13,000 hectares, another key New South Wales crop Agri Labour Australia delivers workforces for is citrus fruits. The Australian citrus industry is crucial to our economy in terms of exports because it is worth more than $200 million annually.

You can see why this commodity creates so many farm jobs in New South Wales because the state produces around 250,000 tonnes of fruit every year. This represents 40 per cent of total Australian citrus production and 36 per cent of citrus exports.

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Farm labour for New South Wales’ famed wineries

Agri Labour Australia works with wine-maker clients across New South Wales to supply multi-faceted workforces. With 16 wine regions, NSW is the state with the most diverse wine-production climate and terroir in Australia.

Not many people realise that New South Wales produces around 500,000 tonnes or 30 per cent of the Australian wine crush. Our recruitment specialists regularly staff cool-climate vineyards in southern NSW (the Riverina) – which is New South Wales’ largest production region and is home to more than half of the state’s grapes – as well as wineries in the New England and Upper Hunter regions further north.

To support wine grape growers, Agri Labour Australia finds reliable staff for winery jobs across all of the state’s wine regions, which include the Canberra District, Cowra, Gundagai, Hastings River, Hilltops, the Hunter Valley, Mudgee, New England, Orange, Perricoota, Riverina, Shoalhaven Coast, Southern Highlands and Tumbarumba.

Whether you’re a client looking for staff or a candidate looking for a farm work jobs, Agri Labour Australia has the networks you need in New South Wales, staff your operation with reliable workers. Never miss new jobs with Agri Labour Australia! Stay tuned for the latest job alert.

Candidate testimonials and their experiences

Aliise-Maria Paerna

Grain and almond worker

"I have worked with Agri Labour three times. They were really good experiences. [Getting the job] was really a lifesaver for me. Since that [ALA] has been a big help in many ways."

Nicolas Comeglio

Cotton loader driver

“I am learning new skills and this is a completely new experience for me. Thank you Agri Labour for finding me this position”

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