More than just a job

When you accept a role with Agri Labour Australia, you don’t just start a job – you join a family. The friendly, supportive ALA community is with you every step of the way – from on-site support to helpful group chats and social events with your recruiters and colleagues, you’re welcomed into a close-knit circle of people from across the globe.

Anete Hela Pulk

Grain and cotton worker

“Agri Labour has been such a great help… I’ve gained so much more knowledge about the industries I’ve worked in, and I’ve gained really good work experience.“

Aurelia Teresa Senduk - I Gusti Ayu Agung - Fadila Shafira

Cherry farm workers

“We would like to say thank you to Agri Labour Australia for giving us the opportunity to work in Tasmania – hopefully we can work together again.”

Imanuel Rahul

Almond farm worker

“I’ve learned a lot about this role and I love it so much. Thanks to Agri Labour for finding me a great job.”

Miracle Samuel Bong

Pumpkin harvest worker

“It’s a great opportunity for me to get experience and knowledge working here – I have good accommodation, a good team, good co-workers, good supervisors and good and helpful agents… I’m looking forward to working again another time with Agri Labour Australia.”

Byanmara Byanmara

Cherry farm worker

“This was a new, exciting opportunity for me… I was exposed to other languages and cultures, which was very exciting… Agri Labour fostered a very positive and comfortable environment.”

Cheng-Yu Tsai and Ananda Tamyra Azhari

Pumpkin harvest workers

“We’ve really enjoyed our work here, because we have a great team and a kind manager who really cares about our safety whilst we work.”

Dione Yoliviana - Jonathan Christiawan - Gabriella Christian

Pumpkin harvest workers

“We enjoy our time working here, and we always have a great time every day – we learn so many things… our days are filled with laughter and excitement.”

Jonathan Christiawan

Cherry farm worker

“Hopefully I can continue my journey with Agri Labour Australia – it’s one of the best hiring agencies in Australia. Thank you very much, Agri Labour!”

Muhammad Novalias Bari

Cherry harvest worker

“The best part of the job is that you can expand your experience and meet a lot of people from around the world… the Agri Labour staff members were very helpful and caring towards us.”

Yoprin Nainggolan

Cotton worker

“The best part of my job is visiting many farms every day, getting new friends and learning more about agriculture… I hope that Agri Labour can help me find my next job.”

Kevin Puuleht

Grain harvest worker

“It’s been a great role and a great team… thank you for a good job, and hopefully we’ll get another job with you guys.”

Imre Blok

Cotton ginning

"It was a very pleasant experience working with Agri Labour Australia, and I'll definitely use their service again.

Lauri Mets

Grain and almond worker

"The best part of the job is the crew we have and the overall friendly and helpful environment."

Aliise-Maria Paerna

Grain and almond worker

"I have worked with Agri Labour three times. They were really good experiences. [Getting the job] was really a lifesaver for me. Since that [ALA] has been a big help in many ways."

Nicolas Comeglio

Cotton loader driver

“I am learning new skills and this is a completely new experience for me. Thank you Agri Labour for finding me this position”

Jurgen Jalas

Cotton machine operator

“Big thanks to Agri Labour Australia for finding me all these really amazing companies to work with. I know that I can count on you guys for my next adventure.”

Andreas Kallaste

Cotton worker

“Thank you Agri Labour Australia. I am very happy I have this opportunity. I am looking forward to working even more with Agri Labour in the future.”


Machine operator

“I have had more than one job through Agri Labour. My cooperation with Agri Labour has been rather easy, really supportive. I would recommend Agri Labour to everyone."

Cris and Rain

Hops and cotton workers

“We want to thank Agri Labour Australia for helping us with not only work related issues or questions but also visas, bank accounts and all the paperwork that needs to be done. We will definitely keep continuing to use Agri Labours services."


Machine operator

“I learned to drive machines for the harvest - it was very fun.”


Machine operator

“I’d like to say thanks, Agri Labour, for this opportunity. I’ve learned a lot of things working in the workshop driving all the machines. I really enjoyed the job and I’m ready for the next season.”

Uku and Andrea

Construction labourers

“Daijiro - our recruiter from Agri Labour - has been really supportive, checking in on us and seeing that we’re doing okay. He’s made everything “crystal clear.”


Machine operator

“[It’s a good job], and the boss and the team are very good guys. I am happy.”


Walnut harvest worker

“I’m really happy here. I love my work, I love my team and it’s a really good experience for me.”


Walnut harvest

"I love my job and my role with Agri Labour. I’m looking forward to next season. I would love to have another experience in the grain farms or cotton farms, and if I can, of course, keep going as a weighbridge operator."


Machinery operator

"There was a time when I was nothing, and I really wanted to look for a job to support my living here. At the time when I really need them, Agri Labour Australia is right there. I love working with Agri Labour."


Cotton Harvest

"I've been in Australia for one year now and my first job was with Agri Labour Australia in a cotton gin. The best part about the job, besides making great friends, is that you can make a lot of money and travel a lot after."


Grain Harvest

"I arrived in Australia four months ago and found a job immediately with Agri Labour Australia.
I improved my English a little, I made new friends with a lot of kind young people, and the work was good and full of learning.”

Doriane and Gauthier

Grain Harvest

"Agri Labour did an amazing job with us. They found us a great opportunity, and they helped us during our work time and beyond. Agri Labour has been the best and the easiest way to find a job in Australia."


Hops Farm Worker

"From the very first moment they helped me out with everything I needed. We have contact every week. Asking how everything is going and if we're happy and safe. Like a little family. Thank you Agri Labour for all the support and that you're always there for us."


Poppy Picker

"They care about your health, they provide a lot of support for you and they are reliable."

Steven, Catherine & Kevin

Agriculture Workers

"Our recruiter Hailie is a very responsive person and asks about how we're doing. She treats us like family, and especially she offers a lot of good job opportunities. Agri Labour not only offers you a job, but offers you a family here in Australia."


Horticulture Worker

"I've got so many experiences since joining Agri Labour. I would like you guys to join Agri Labour because they're very helpful and easy communication. They are always supporting me for any issues."


Cherry Sorter

"I have no hesitation recommending Agri Labour Australia. They're a well-run, efficient organisation that communicate well with their workforce, treat you with respect and make you feel valued."


Seafood Process Worker

"I'm really happy to have a job that Amy [recruiter] has been terrific with. She responds straight away. I love the job at Huon. Thank you very much."


Mango Harvest Supervisor

"Thank you so much to Agri Labour Australia for the support, advice and assistance. This agency will not only offer you certain good jobs, but it will also care and look after you, like becoming a part of the family."


Tree Planter

"I worked with Agri Labour for seven months in Tasmania. My first job was a tree planter, this job impressed me deeply."


Fresh Produce Handler

"I'm most grateful to Agri Labour for their support in my journey and also helpful me find a really good job and a career path."


Berry Picker

"Agri Labour has so many jobs around Australia. You might have a chance to travel around Australia and meet so many friends in so many different countries. I really recommend you to work with Agri Labour. I'm really happy working with them."


Horticulture Worker & Seafood Process Worker

"Agri Labour is the best one (contractor). They are very professional and helpful


Cotton Gin Cleaner

"My husband and I are following seasonal work and travelling around Australia. It's great. We went through Agri Labour this year, and two weeks after putting in an application we got a phone call to go to a cotton gin."


Fresh Produce Handler

"I have nice experience during this year [with Agri Labour]. They are well organised, easy to communicate. The members of Agri are very kind."

Matt & Zoey

Forklift Driver & Process Worker

"We recommend Agri Labour Australia as a big family to you.


Horticulture Worker

"Agri Labour Australia is much recommended."


Berry Picker

"If you're looking for a job in Tasmania, you can find Phoebe from Agri Labour, they are very reliable."


Horticulture Worker & Nut Process Worker

"The staff in Agri Labour is really helpful and really kind. They are willing to help you and always follow up with us. When you join Agri Labour, the staff will take care of you."


Horticulture Worker

"When I work for Agri Labour they give me an amazing experience because they give me the chance to learn many things in agriculture. Agri Labour Australia is the best place you can trust."


Horticulture Worker & Cotton Gin Labourer

Agri Labour always makes sure you are ready for the job before it starts. You can always talk to the wonderful recruiters whenever you have issues at work."


Horticulture Worker & Harvest Worker

"It's been three years since I've been working with Agri Labour. Agri Labour has professional recruiters and they are so helpful."


Horticulture Worker & Poultry Attendant

"I'm working with Agri Labour for more than two years. It's good to work with them. Phoebe is my agent, always supporting me for any issues and questions that I have."


Grain Handler

"I've been working for Agri Labour for about two years now. It's always been a positive experience. They're always there for me, for any enquiry or any issues at work. For any reason, they're always there for me."


Harvest Worker (Cotton, Grain & Almond)

"I've found Agri Labour's personal ethic to be second to none, as they see their employees as real people and not as a number. I recommend Agri Labour for anyone who's focused on rural employment, who wish to work in a safe and positive environment."


Project Supervisor

"Agri Labour Australia is really helpful and professional. All the people here are pretty nice, friendly. Thank you very much."


Horticulture Worker

"Joining Agri Labour Australia was a big positive for me. Safe, comfortable working environments and good rates."


Horticulture Worker

"I really appreciate the efficiency of Phoebe [recruiter]. I believe that Agri Labour is a reliable job agency."


Grain Harvest Worker

"I really love Agri Labour. If I have a problem while I'm working, they always try to help me."


Seafood Processer

"It was only a few hours after I applied I got a call from Amy [recruiter]. Any questions I have she answers then and there. She's been absolutely wonderful, helpful, very very informative. She's been great!"


Tree Planter

"When the season already ended, I already got my second job. It was tree planting in the wild, it's a very special experience."


Cotton Gin Worker

"Thankfully there is this company called Agri Labour Australia. I want to say thanks to Agri Labour who helped me and took care of me. If you think you are able to perform a good work, believe me, Agri Labour can provide you a good job."


Broccoli Planter & Harvester

"I have been working with Agri Labour Australia for 6 months. During these few months I reckon Agri Labour Australia is the best and most reliable recruiter."


Seafood Process Worker

"It turns out to be the best job I've ever had hear in Australia [with Agri Labour]. Thanks to Phoebe and all the people in the Devonport office, they always be there when I need assistance. So I think I can say Agri Labour is the best agency in Australia."

Lisa & Mathieu

Grain Handlers

"We got lucky because we found the best recruiter, Ric Fleming. What I like about Agri Labour is they propose a lot of types of jobs, all interesting, with good wages. And that's amazing."


Salmon Process Worker

"This is my first time working with Agri Labour, but I am really satisfied with them. Phoebe recruited me into the salmon factory and she cares for me a lot. Agri Labour gives me lots of help, I'm really happy to work with Agri Labour."

Ellie & Chris

Horticulture Workers

"Agri Labour is a reliable agent, we recommend everybody to join our big family."


Skilled Machinery Operator

"I like an adventure and to meet you people. Agri Labour Australia is very professional, thank you!"


Grain Harvest Worker

"I went to do some grain work for Agri Labour. It felt pretty good and I was able to save a lot of money. I can't wait to join Agri Labour for the next harvest."


Forklift Driver | Citrus Packshed

"I have worked with Agri Labour since April 2019. They are all very nice and profressional. I amazed how they take care of me."


Weighbridge & Production Line Worker

"I've found the staff to be very friendly, professional and caring. Look forward to finishing this season and many more with Agri Labour and would recommend them."

Vicente & Barbara

Grain Harvest Workers

"We would recommend the grain harvest season, it was the best job we have done so far (in Australia). Just trust Agri Labour Australia!"


Horticulture Worker

"The really take care of me as a worker. Agri Labour Australia is a trustworthy agent and you will love to work with them."

Titima & Sri

Horticulture Workers

"From day one until now my experience with Agri Labour is very smooth and I'm loving it."


Mango Harvest Worker

"Every concern that I had, every question was answered, every problem was solved. So absolutely top guy [Ric, Agri Labour Australia consultant]. He will definitely look after you."


Factory Worker

"I worked for three factories through Agri Labour and Brad always looked after me. Agri Labour is one of the best agencies to work with because you can get great support from them."


Herb Harvester

"Farm work is serious business. You've gotta find a good organisation and awesome team like Agri Labour Australia. I met an Agri Labour girl (Parris) to find me farm work, she was really considerate".


Horticulture Labourer

"It was my first experience working in the agri sector. I had a great experience with the team, from the initial onboarding process through to the project itself. I look forward to my next project with Agri Labour Australia."


Cotton Gin Labourer

"I really give thanks to Agri Labour, and not only for one job. To give me work continuously, that was really helpful to me as a backpacker."


"Agri Labour is the most reputable, reliable and professional recruitment company that I know, and everybody in the farms know that. I have been in touch will Oliver there, and he always goes the extra mile with everything. I love working for Agri Labour."


"The relationships and team work is so close and strong between supervisors and workers. When we do a good job they praise us and sometimes have a celebration for the teams' achievements when the season is over."


"I've worked for 4 jobs with them (Agri Labour Australia). I find them a very trustworthy agency. They were always there to support me when I had any issues at all. I would definitely suggest Agri Labour Australia to everyone."


"I work for Agri Labour at different plants. Agri Labour have been great to get on with. They've been really good and great to work for."

Shane & Tjanarra

Onion Trimmers

"I really enjoyed the environments at work, being outdoor and having the sun shinning on me, being in multicultural atmospheres is unlike anything else I've experienced in the workforce."


"Thanks to the team at Agri Labour Australia for opening the door and giving me the opportunity to work in agriculture."

Edgar & Triin

Supervisor & Team Leader

“Agri Labour Australia saw the potential in us and believed in us. We are very grateful that the team has helped us achieve our Australian dream. We always have and always will recommend Agri Labour Australia to our friends.”


Machine Operator

“Thanks to Agri Labour Australia for their professional management. They were very inspirational and encouraged me to face challenges.”

Terry & Leesa

“Thank you, what a pleasure it has been dealing with the team over the last 8 years.”


“I felt Agri Labour Australia was trustworthy and really cared about the employees.”


“Agri Labour Australia gave me and my friends an amazing opportunity to work in Australia and I have met friends for life.”


"It’s not just a job, it's a great memory in my life.”

Kay & Mango

“Agri Labour Australia and the team has provided us with great memories. Take care and we will hopefully see the team again someday."


Mango Harvest Worker

"Agri Labour 10 out of 10... If you're going to Australia and going to look for work... they're the best company you could work for."


“Thanks Agri Labour Australia, it was a great memory, congratulations on 10 years.”


“It was unforgettable experience and I really enjoyed it, the supervisors were very helpful. Thanks Agri Labour Australia.”


Machine Operator

“The experience of working with people from around the world has been amazing. I’m too young to retire and I’m happy to work.”


Leading Hand

“If you can work hard and you have a good attitude, Agri Labour Australia is your best choice.”

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