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We work with large producers and independent farmers in Western Australia to source the staff they need and help them maximise the potential of their farm work force.

Connect with compliant, productive and reliable farm workforces in Western Australia

Agri Labour Australia works closely with clients and candidates in Western Australia to place casual, short-term and permanent workers in farm jobs and other agriculture positions across all regions of the state – from the cattle farms of the Kimberley to Margaret River wine country.

If you’re looking for farm work near Perth, Fremantle, Esperance, Geraldton, Mandurah, Busselton or Bunbury, or elsewhere in Western Australia, our experienced team can help you find what you’re looking for based on your skills and experience.

Our team supplies farm workers to all 10 agriculture regions in Western Australia: the Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne, Midwest, Wheatbelt, Perth, Peel, South West, Great Southern and Goldfields.

We encourage Western Australian agribusiness owners, farmers or managers looking for reliable farm workforces, farm managers, farm hands or any agricultural regional labour hire positions to get in touch with our experienced recruitment team. Finding compliant, productive and reliable farm labour candidates with the mix of skills and experience who are willing to work anywhere in Western Australia is made easier using our extensive digital reach and networks.

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Commodities generating farm jobs Western Australian

Much like Queensland – which also covers a lot of ground with diverse climactic conditions – Western Australia is home to a huge variety of farms and other agribusinesses.

Agri Labour Australia supplies general farm labour and specialist agriculture staff to both intensive (year round) and seasonal farming businesses in the West Australian region. Some of these commodities include mixed vegetable crops (Vegetable Farm Worker), strawberry farms, poultry farms and grain storage facilities.

Farm work Western Australia – we place jobs of all descriptions

Our team on the ground often connects agriculture clients in WA with experienced farm machinery operators (machinery operation) for a range of broadacre farming workers and horticulture agribusinesses. Some of these agricultural jobs include:

  • Header operators
  • Tractor drivers
  • Spray rig operators
  • Caser bin drivers
  • Forklift operators

Not only does Agri Labour Australia fill casual and short-term Western Australia farm jobs, we also find the right professionals to take on permanent roles. These include:

  • Agronomists
  • Operations managers
  • Farm managers
  • Irrigation managers
  • Farm Hands
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Connecting skilled and unskilled candidates with Western Australia’s agricultural sectors

Western Australia has a thriving grain industry located across the south-western corner of the state, with farms and storage facilities located from Geraldton all the way down to Esperance. Grain is WA’s most valuable agricultural commodity, followed by canola and barley.

We have the networks to source every type of grain-related position, from farm labour, quality assurance staff and supervisors, to machinery operators and staff to man storage and handling facilities during the grain harvest months later in the year.

Given that Agri Labour Australia has a strong presence in the aquaculture industry, which is another booming commodity for Western Australia, we are well positioned to supply aquaculture workers for farm work jobs in the state’s fisheries, pearl farms and processing facilities.

Supplying farm labour to processing facilities across various agribusiness sectors from all over the country means Agri Labour Australia is able to mobilise experienced processing staff who have proven themselves in prior roles. Once a team of workers has finished a job in South Australia or Tasmania, for example, they can pick up and take their skills to your farm in Western Australia.

Agri Labour Australia’s expansive international network agricultural and farming job candidates, together with our presence in countries across the globe, allow us to reach unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled candidates that meet the requirements of your positions. If there is a suitable candidate for a farm work role, we have the experience and means to find them and deliver them to your business in Western Australia.

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How Western Australian farms drive the state’s economy

Agriculture is big business in WA, with agricultural land occupying 1,064,736 square kilometres (approximately 42.09 per cent of the state). The agriculture, forestry and fishing sector employs around 42,000 local workers in Western Australia on farms, processing plants and other agribusinesses, which is just 3 per cent of the state’s workforce. Many more agricultural jobs are required to be filled at various key times throughout the year, depending on seasons and cycle.

When local farm labour resources fall short, Agri Labour Australia can step in and fill the farm work jobs you need to do business.

The gross value of agricultural production in Western Australia was $9 billion in 2016-17, which equated to a significant 15 per cent of the total gross value of agricultural production in Australia.

Western Australia’s most important commodities based on the gross value of agricultural production were wheat ($2.4 billion), canola ($1.2 billion) and barley ($860 million). Together, these three commodities contributed 50 per cent of the state’s total agricultural production value.

Cattle and calves, wool, and sheep and lamb also contributed significantly to farming job generation in Western Australia. Other WA crops regularly in need of farm labour include lupins, oats, pulses, cotton, sugarcane, rice and hemp.

Whatever your agriculture or farm work needs in Western Australia, we encourage you to get in touch with our team of experienced agriculture recruiters. Never miss new jobs with Agri Labour Australia! Stay tuned for the latest job alert.

Candidate testimonials and their experiences


Grain Harvest

"I arrived in Australia four months ago and found a job immediately with Agri Labour Australia. I improved my English a little, I made new friends with a lot of kind young people, and the work was good and full of learning.”


Horticulture Worker & Seafood Process Worker

"Agri Labour is the best one (contractor). They are very professional and helpful

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