Partnering with a legitimate recruitment provider who does the right thing by candidates and takes compliance seriously is essential to protect your business from hefty fines and negative media attention.

Visas and the right to work

Agri Labour Australia and our clients face fines and potentially imprisonment if we allow foreign nationals to work illegally.

Ignorance is no excuse. These penalties can be applied regardless of whether we knew someone was an illegal worker or not.

To protect our client partners from these penalties, Agri Labour Australia verifies the identity, citizenship and right to work of every worker we put forward.

  • We verify the identity of every worker by obtaining a copy of each worker’s passport, drivers licence or other photographic identification.
  • We conduct a Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) with the Federal Department of Home Affairs for every foreign national at the commencement of their employment to determine:
    • the type of visa the person holds;
    • when the visa was granted and when it will expire; and
    • if the person has restrictions upon their right to work.
  • We conduct periodic VEVO reviews for foreign nationals to ensure their right to work is maintained.
  • We maintain records of identity and VEVO checks so we can demonstrate our due diligence whenever required.
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