Agri Labour Australia is passionate about developing the competitiveness of Australia’s agriculture industry. Every day we work with agribusiness to advocate for rural producers and achieve the best outcomes for our clients and candidates. As we continue to grow, our focus is on successfully fulfilling our clients’ every workforce need.

Optimising workforces

We now offer a consultative workforce optimisation service to complement our industry-leading recruitment solutions.

This is designed to help our agriculture clients achieve maximum productivity and peak operational performance.

After a decade in the industry, we are across all matters of workplace compliance (Fair Work guidelines, Modern Awards and evolving legislation) and can anticipate any potential issues.

By creating an open dialogue between farmers, policy-makers, our recruitment team and our candidates, we strive to protect the future of Australian agribusiness.

Rural roots

The founders of Agri Labour Australia – brothers from Goondiwindi in Country Queensland – were raised with small-town values.

We still operate from a place where your word means everything; where you put your head down and get on with it until the job is done.

This ethos of simplicity, honesty and hard work continues to shape our company culture and strategic direction.

Top of mind

Ten years on, we are the team the Australian agriculture industry turns to when they need recruitment services or HR advice.

Our clients rely on us for support and service in all matters related to personnel.

Agri Labour Australia is 100% Australian-owned and operated

Founded in Brisbane, Agri Labour Australia has offices throughout Australia and connections overseas.

Our business is committed to the long-term sustainability and profitability of Australian agribusiness and our agriculture industry at large.

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