Agri Labour Australia has built up a network of reliable Grey Nomads that we employ regularly in seasonal roles. These dynamic Australians are eager to make extra money as they explore regional Australia.

Mature and dependable

Our grey nomads have proven popular with agriculture employers because they have valuable skills and attributes to offer. Any project can benefit from their experience, maturity, leadership and flexibility.

Most grey nomads we work with are looking for short-term seasonal roles as they travel the countryside. However, they come back year or year, and follow our harvest trail.

Through these husband-and-wife teams and solo travellers, our clients can tap into the skills and knowledge that only comes from a lifetime of work experience.

An evolving workforce

Australia’s population is ageing and everyone is working longer. People in this age are also healthier than they’ve ever been, thanks to improved nutrition and a more active lifestyle.

Always in touch

Agri Labour Australia has active communities of Grey Nomads we are in constant contact with via social media and email.

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