Horticulture Jobs in Australia

Every horticulture industry operation needs a highly productive workforce for different job type with the requisite skills to do the job properly and the motivation to stay on track for the entire season.

Agri Labour Australia routinely delivers strong agriculture workforces for Australia’s horticulture operators. Here’s how we do it:

  • Our rigorous horticulture recruitment processes identify candidates’ motivation, as well as their ability to perform.
  • Our national footprint allows us to move high-performing workforces around the country on various picking and packing assignments.
  • We work with horticulture clients to develop results-based training programs (virtual and on-site), as well as metrics and targets to improve productivity every season.

Food processing

Food processing operations are becoming a more regular feature on farms today. With more automated processes now readily accessible, many agribusinesses are choosing to build on their existing produce to develop Value Add products and increase their profits.

Agri Labour Australia has a dedicated focus and understanding of the requirements needed for efficient and compliant food processing operations.

Agri Labour Australia has extensive experience in food processing and has placed thousands of candidates across a broad range of food processing roles, these are available food processing positions:

  • Packers and Sorters
  • Pack Shed Manager
  • Production Manager
  • QA & QS Staff
  • Workplace Health & Safety Officers
  • Value Add Specialists
  • Electricians
  • Maintenance Fitters

Staffing your project

The dynamic team based at Agri Labour Australia provides experienced workforces made up of every type of skilled and unskilled worker you need for a successful season.

The most common key member horticulture labour positions we recruit for each year include:

  • Pickers
  • Packers
  • Pruners
  • Machinery operators (forklift, tractor, bin runners)
  • QA/graders
  • Harvest supervisors

Working to your season and timeline

The harvest calendar does not impinge on our recruitment ability – casual or permanent. We source staff and provide optimisation services for horticulture workforces for every month of the year.
Our networks in every part of Australia and overseas enable us to find workers for roles that sync up on the seasonal calendar. Horticulture staff who are booked up with work for a full 12 months – moving with the seasons – tend not to abandon work mid-way through the project.

Workforces that know the drill

Our workers are fully briefed on what’s in store before they set foot on your premises. We know your season start date is subject to change and so do our candidates. They are aware that they will be required to work variable hours in weather-dependent conditions.

We specialise in finding motivated harvesting and packing staff who are committed to the task at hand and seeing out the season before moving on.

We know where to find your people

Agri Labour Australia has more than 80,000 followers. Digitally, in the industry and in agriculture circles. This number increases every time our staff have a positive experience on a client project. Our traditional and digital people streams are vast and constantly evolving.

We supply more than 4000 horticulture workers each year – many of whom have special skills that are vital to the success of a project.

When we require their services again, it is easy to reach out to them because of our pre-existing relationship.

How we retain and train our staff

Even before a project commences, we are focused on how to retain high-performing staff. Each project generally has a core group of experienced harvesting and packing staff who have proved themselves on previous assignments.

Our team also has extensive experience in designing formal training programs and working with trainers to improve the performance of our horticulture workforces.

Using clear-cut data, we outline what productivity outcomes must be achieved daily and weekly in order for the project to be considered a success.

Agri Labour Australia works closely with clients in the design and implementation stage to ensure the success of your season or harvest. This is part of our Workforce Optimisation offering.

Agri Labour Australia is currently seeking a motivated and diverse individual to be part of the horticulture team, and start your career in horticulture. There are thousands of horticulture job type roles like horticulture grower and more currently available within Queensland growing regions for those who want to work .

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