As a company built on the success of the people who power the agriculture industry, we are committed to supporting people in need. Since our inception, we have developed a number of programs and initiatives aimed at giving back.

Supporting Unity Library In Buka, Papua New Guinea

Agri Labour Australia is proud to offer our continuing support to the first ever library in this underserviced region of Papua New Guinea. The library was conceived by a group of locals who saw the need for a place where individuals could come together, share resources and expand their educational opportunities.

Unity Library is the success story of a community that took ownership of its development and motivated its members to volunteer their time for a common goal. The library has minimal funding and relies on donations of books and the support of local businesses, community groups and organisations like Agri Labour Australia to cover its operational costs. It is open to all members of the community and provides a wide range of reading resources for children and adults alike.


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