For over a decade, Agri Labour Australia has been strategically expanding our digital reach at home and overseas. Our digital marketing strategy allows us to source agricultural workforces by connecting with candidate streams throughout the world, at all hours of the day.

Agricultural job searches

From search engines to social platforms, Agri Labour Australia dominates the rankings for agricultural job searches. Our candidate generation strategies and network engagement are the most sophisticated in the agriculture industry.

What does this mean for our clients?

  • The pool of candidates we pull from is extensive, which gives us more workers to choose from.
  • Our candidates are better qualified because we target digital audiences based on their skills and experience.
  • We have access to a massive pool of candidates, so you can be confident of sufficient manpower and skill level.
  • Our job advertisements show up in candidates’ feeds rather than them having to seek them out on jobs sites.

Keeping up to date with advancing digital marketing trends is a priority for our business. We understand the power this has in helping us source the right candidate for the job, anywhere in the world.

We are at the forefront of social media advertising for recruitment purposes on the platforms that matter to your next workforce.

Keeping our global audience engaged and promoting Australia’s agriculture industry is the top priority for our digital team.

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