A workforce with the right blend of skills and the right attitude is essential when it comes to cotton ginning. Hiring inexperienced staff can lead to huge training costs year after year, while unmotivated staff who are in the dark about the realities of the cotton industry can derail a whole season.

Agri Labour Australia delivers reliable workforces to Australia’s cotton industry each year. Here’s how we do it:

  • With rigorous cotton recruitment processes that identify candidates’ level of motivation, as well as their ability to perform.
  • Our national footprint allows us to move high-performing workforces around the country on various planting, harvesting and ginning assignments.
  • We consult with cotton ginnnig clients to develop results-based training programs (virtual and on-site), as well as metrics and targets to improve productivity every season.

Common cotton ginning roles we source

Our experienced staff recruit reliable cotton ginning labour for every step of cotton processing, from ginning and classing to packing.

We regularly recruit for positions including:

  • Trash truck/tractor operator
  • Forklift/grablift operator
  • Assistant ginner
  • Moon buggy operator
  • Feeder bay attendant
  • Seed loader operator
  • Books & bags
  • Cleaner
  • Rover

Workforces to suit your schedule

Australia’s cotton ginning season is a long one, generally running from April until August – depending on where the cotton gin is located.

No matter when your harvest falls, our workforces are always ready for deployment. We are able to source candidates year-round for any location. Our recruitment and workforce optimisation services are unaffected by the seasonal calendar.

With networks in every state and territory, we can recruit staff for back-to-back roles. When one harvest project ends, another begins.

The advantage of this is when workers know they have work scheduled for an entire year – summer, autumn, winter, spring – they are more motivated to fulfil their contractual obligations. There are fewer mid-harvest resignations due to delays or changed conditions.

Workforces that know cotton ginning conditions

The teams we assemble understand the unique conditions they will be working under. They are aware they will be expected to work long shifts in a cold, dusty environment where productivity and skill are the key measures of success.

Far-reaching networks & diverse people streams

At Agri Labour Australia, we owe our long-term success to our upstanding reputation and stellar standing in the industry.

Our business draws from a digital network of 80,000 followers in Australia and overseas. Every year we expand our reach and add to this number, which grows each time our staff have a positive experience on a job.

Addressing your top 5 staffing concerns

  1. Finding suitable people with the right skills
    Pooling from our various candidate streams in Australia and overseas, we apply a rigorous recruitment process to select the right people for your business.
  2. Finding people with staying power
    We fully brief all workers on the reality of the conditions and assign them to concurrent projects so they know they have another job beginning as soon as the current one ends. This incentivises our workers to stay the course and complete the harvest calendar.
  3. Handling staffing logistics in remote areas
    We work with clients to find suitable transportation and accommodation solutions.
  4. Sourcing replacements who are ready to go
    If staff should leave for any reason mid-project, we can quickly draw from our network of prepared candidates.
  5. Screening and inducting candidates
    Leave it to us to conduct screenings and briefings that ensure candidates are fully informed and fit for work.
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