Jun 30, 2024

A fair dinkum guide to understanding Aussie lingo

G’day mates! Welcome to Australia – the land of sunshine, stunning beaches and an utterly unique collection of slang words that can leave newcomers scratching their heads.

While Australian slang can be confusing, with a little guidance you’ll soon be speaking like a true blue Aussie. To help you feel at home, we’ve developed this guide of essential Aussie slang terms to navigate everyday conversations.

Word Description
G’day Hello or good day
Mate Friend or buddy
Fair dinkum Genuine or true
Arvo Afternoon
Barbie Barbecue
Bloke Man or guy
Ripper Excellent or fantastic
Chook Chicken
Ute Utility vehicle or pickup truck
Bush Rural or countryside
Daggy Unfashionable or quirky
Maccas McDonald’s
Servo Service station or gas station
Thongs Flip-flops or sandals
Up at sparrow’s Very early in the morning, at dawn
Bikkie Biscuit or cookie
Sanger Sandwich
Muster To gather or round up livestock
Dag A funny or eccentric person
Tucker Food or meals
Choc-a-block Completely full or crowded
Bush telly Campfire
Aussie salute Swatting away flies
Roo Kangaroo
Stoked Excited or pleased
Snag Sausage
Esky Cooler or insulated container for keeping drinks cold
Drover’s dog A phrase used to describe something or someone looking exhausted
Woop Woop A remote or distant location; also used to describe a place far away
Pommy/Pom A British person, particularly an English person
Fair crack of the whip Fair treatment or a fair go
Veg out To relax or do nothing
Bail up To corner or trap someone in conversation
Ratbag A mischievous or cheeky person
She’ll be right Everything will be okay or sorted out
Chuck a U-ey Make a U-turn while driving

With a little practice and this guide at your side, you’ll be cracking the Aussie code and feeling right at home in no time. So, slap on your thongs and throw a snag on the barbie (maybe even throw a shrimp on the barbie if you’re feeling hungry), and keep up the good work mates!

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