Jul 07, 2022

#myagrifamily: Our top pics of 2022

A big thanks to everyone who entered our first #myagrifamily Instagram photo competition in June. 

We received so many entries, and it was a fantastic reminder of the unforgettable memories, scenery and friendships that our candidates experience each year. 

While it was challenging to select a winner, one submission stood out from the rest…  

Congratulations to our photo comp winner, Cherry Navira! 

Taken during the rice harvest on a stunning day in rural NSW, Cherry captured this picture with her agri family. 

A huge thanks to all of the candidates who entered the competition and shared your memories. We’ve combined some of the entries in the video below for you, and you’ll find the rest on our Instagram page @agrilabourau

If you want to join us on a harvest and make memories like these, head over to our job board.

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