May 20, 2019

Candidate Conversations – May 2019

Australia's leading agriculture recruitment specialists labour hire seasonal workers

This month we are chatting with Agri Labour Australia (ALA) candidate Cristobal Bragagnolo. An Argentinian National, who has been in Australia for eighteen months. ALA is recognising Cristobal for his commitment, hard work and excellent work skills.

Cristobal and his girlfriend Daniela Faggian became well known to the Agri Labour Australia recruitment team for always receiving great feedback from employers about their willingness to learn, dedication to completing jobs and having a positive attitude.

A skilled machine operator who is currently working as a tractor operator for the almond season, we asked Cristobal what he likes most about living and working in regional Australia.

What’s the best part about your job?

It’s like an adventure! We get to know new people and live in places that I would normally never meet or see. I love learning new skills on different machinery and have the excitement that comes with doing seasonal work and saving money!

What is the most challenging part of your work?

Sometimes finding the right timing to work a regional season and then moving onto the next job but ALA are great at helping with this. Also getting the right balance of working hard and looking after yourself – making sure you get adequate rest, nutrition and some personal hobbies. Luckily, I’ve got my guitar!

What are you career goals?

I am saving money to pay for my Bachelor of Biology. I plan on operating machines for a few more years to keep saving and then complete my degree.

How has ALA helped you while you’ve been working in Australia?

ALA have been incredibly professional and well organised. They have always been very clear about start dates, wages and what they expect from us in the workplace. My partner Daniela and I previously worked with other agencies but after working with ALA we really noticed the difference. Our agent Mari has been honest, caring and provided us with all the details we need and always helped with any situation that has arisen.

Our pay has always been flawless which is great! But for us, it’s the way we’ve been treated – we only have nice things to say about ALA!

Where to from here?

I plan on working through until the end of the current almond season, then moving on to picking cotton and grain harvests later in the year. And keep saving for my biology degree!

Favourite place in Australia and why?

I love the hills of Alexandra and Yark in Victoria and the incredible sunsets and open skies of Moree in NSW.

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