Sep 09, 2019

Don’t Be Chicken! Why a Job in the Poultry Industry Could Be Your Best Career Move

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The Australian poultry industry is a thriving one. It is also one of the industries that doesn’t fall ‘foul’ of the issues so many other crop and livestock producers experience with seasons, weather and other environmental factors affecting their output and profitability.

The stability of the poultry industry is just one of the many reasons why it’s an excellent field to pursue a career in.  It’s this continuity across industry that allows for longevity in jobs, which in turn develops individual skill sets and opens pathways for legitimate career progression.

While disease has been an issue in the past, the strict Australian biosecurity measures and animal welfare standards now in place do an excellent job in protecting the industry, its workers and the birds – making it a great choice for people looking at safe and steady employment options.

The Australian poultry industry also offers excellent renumeration with many employers often provide great wage incentives and employment packages for staff that include accommodation, vehicle plus a great salary as a starting point.

Candidates who are considering a career in the poultry industry don’t need trades or a specific skillset. Tim Chapman, GM Permanent Recruitment, Agri Labour Australia says ‘The Poultry industry is one where you can really build your career and earning capacity quickly. For those just starting out, we welcome people who display good common sense and a great work ethic. For management roles, you need to be a forward thinker, skilled in people management, equipped with computer skills and good with numbers.

Tim adds, ‘We have also seen some of our ALA workers transition into management roles over the space of twelve months.  It’s all a matter of being able to quickly pick up the skills they needed, showing a commitment to the job and being proactive at all times.’

What Can You Expect to Earn in the Poultry Industry?

  • Farm Hand                 $45 – $50K
  • Farm 2IC                     $50 -$70K
  • Manager                      $70 – $90K
  • Site Manager              $90 – $110K
  • Operations Manager $100 – $130K
  • State Manager            $130 – $140K
  • General Manager       $150K +

At Agri Labour Australia we’ve been working with some of the country’s largest egg and chicken meat producers for over a decade, delivering a range of employment solutions for their needs. From broiler farms and breeders, to rearing and laying across traditional and organic organisations – we know the industry inside out and work with the best operators in the business. Stay tuned for poultry hire & poultry recruitment updates.


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