Mar 23, 2020

Instilling Confidence & Delivering Clear Communication during COVID-19

With the arrival of COVID-19, it’s more vital than ever that Australia’s agricultural networks remain working to ensure everyone has continued access to quality fresh produce and groceries.

To support the industry and our fellow Australians, our team has been working hard to implement strict procedures so that our clients feel confident that Agri Labour Australia workers arrive on site healthy, well informed and ready for work.

With our team now already working from home, Agri Labour Australia have readily adapted our stringent screening and training processes to align with government directives and information obtained from the World Health Organisation. any new candidates who arrive in the country must self-isolate for a full fourteen days. These new staff must also declare full details of their travel leading up to their time of arrival into the country.

We have also developed our own COVID-19 training so that workers are fully informed as to the critical hygiene, social distancing and work processes that must be applied to ensure the ongoing safety and wellness for themselves and others. Our candidates know that anyone showing flu like systems must report to their supervisor and immediately self-isolate. Our Head Office will then make the necessary steps to provide support and assistance to the staff member who is unwell.

In addition to our large Australian workforce, we have a diverse range of outstanding people and cultures that make up our highly valued team at Agri Labour Australia. To support this, we’ve ensured our training and direct communications are not just published in English, but also issued to international workers in their first language which includes Mandarin, Malay, Indonesian and Estonian.

Our ability to tailor our information assists greatly with providing essential support and advice to our candidates which is now issued each week via email and social media to address the rapidly changing situation. This information is also readily available on the Agri Labour Australia’s website – Coronavirus page.

Looking after our people, clients and fellow Australian’s is our primary focus while we continue to support the farmers, producers and other facets of the Australian agriculture industry.

For More Information

Visit the Australian Government’s Coronavirus website or contact the Coronavirus Helpline: 1800 020 030 (all hours)

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