May 03, 2023

Meet Priscilla Knight, Agri Labour’s Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) Scheme Manager

If you’ve worked with our PALM team, chances are you’ve already spoken to Priscilla. Today, we want to take a moment to highlight her vital role as the PALM Scheme Manager here at Agri Labour Australia and share more about her work in providing both short- and long-term labour solutions for Pacific and Timorese workers in various rural and regional industries across Australia.

Something you might not know about Priscilla is that she is from the beautiful Pacific Island of Niue. Her connection and passion for the Pacific Islands is evident in her commitment to all of our PALM candidates who come to Australia. 

Priscilla’s first-hand knowledge of the unique cultural and social aspects of the Pacific region enables her to bridge the gap between PALM candidates and employers and foster positive, long-lasting relationships. 

We’re excited to share our Q&A with Priscilla and give you a glimpse into the person behind the role.

When did you join Agri Labour Australia?

9 Jan 2023

What is your role at Agri Labour Australia, and in the PALM team?

I manage the PALM program. My role is very diverse, from Strategic Development and Project Planning, overseeing operating procedures for Pacific workers engagement, being a conduit between our host employers of the Pacific workers, the Australian and Pacific Governments, and the local Pacific Diaspora Organisation.  

I also liaise with internal stakeholders and clients to conduct Quality Assurance activities to ensure our PALM team meet the relevant Deed of Agreement, Governments regulatory requirements and the AgriLabour Australia Group’s obligations under the PALM scheme.

What are your key responsibilities in this role?

I find and provide top quality candidates to host employers, in consultation with the participating Pacific Nation Labour Sending Units (PLF).  I then plan all recruitment logistics from onboarding to mobilising new employees to Australia.  

It is important to me to ensure our new employees are well inducted, that they understand the job, where their accommodation will be and how they will get there.

My main goal is to strengthen the working relationships from the host employer to PLF and the Australian and Pacific Governments so they see the benefits that working in the PALM Scheme can bring to the communities Pacific Island countries and Timor-Leste.

Do you have family and/or ties to the Pacific Islands?

Yes indeed! I’m from a Pacific Island called Niue, affectionately known as the Rock of Polynesia.  Niue is one of the largest coral atolls in the world, dolphins and whales frequently swim right up to the reef.  

I have extended family in Niue, my grandparents left Niue to New Zealand (NZ) to work and provide a better education for their children and both my parents went to school in NZ.  

After my college years I moved here to Australia with my own little family. We moved for warmer weather, a better family orientated lifestyle and more opportunities.  

I am also well connected to Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and Cook Islands through sport.  I coached the first QLD Niue Rugby League Women’s team and am proud to say that we placed third in the inaugural QLD Pacific Nations Cup!

What do you really enjoy about working in the ALA PALM team, and with both candidates and clients to place PALM workers into roles in Australia?

The ALA PALM team is first-class amazing! They were so helpful from the first day I started, warm and welcoming and we keep that same energy for all our new PALM workers that become part of our Agri family.  

I have a gun team; it makes every day exciting to come to work knowing we have deadlines to meet and so many projects going all at once.  

Not everyday is the same, and it’s quite a fast pace; I thrive on this and will never get bored.  

The team does a great job placing good quality workers with our clients but for me, it’s about more than that.  

To be able to offer opportunities to the outer islands and know that, with these placements we are also helping to rebuild communities!  

Churches have been repaired that were wrecked in cyclones 8 years ago where congregations sat on the floor and villagers still living in tents because their houses were blown over.  

A normal exciting day for me is keeping our clients happy, working to deadlines and compliance, creating a happy environment for our new employees and hearing their success stories.  

Building relationships and strengthening ties to make it all work, now that’s a good day 😊

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