Jun 12, 2023

Want to work in the Australian agriculture industry? Visit South Australia

Farm work can be an amazing opportunity to take on a new adventure, and if you’re considering travelling to Australia, it’s well worth adding South Australia to your itinerary.  

With nearly 10,000 operational farms across the state, South Australia currently accounts for approximately 12% of Australia’s total gross agricultural production value, and offers plenty of working opportunities in the agriculture industry. 

Although South Australia has one of the two 25 shires in Australia, the state’s agriculture industry is strong, having generated revenue of $14.1 billion in 2021 – and this could be your year to become part of it all. 

Viticulture and beyond: key sources of rural jobs South Australia 

With a mild, temperate climate, South Australia is the ideal location for growing a wide variety of produce, creating a range of agricultural work opportunities, particularly in primary industries such as wheat, livestock and horticulture. 

The grain and citrus harvests are a top source of employment, creating thousands of jobs across the state. Jobs in the grain harvest include labouring, operating machinery and grain sampling, while the citrus harvest has roles available for sorting, packing and quality assurance team members as well as forklift operators. 

Wineries also create many rural jobs in South Australia, a state famous for its world-class wines. Many of the jobs in these industries rely on the use of agricultural and viticultural equipment by skilled machine operators. Viticultural equipment is particularly important for the rural jobs SA workers do to produce the state’s world-famous wine.

Harvest jobs South Australia: covering the supply chain  

Every harvest season creates a wide variety of job opportunities within different sections of the horticultural supply chain, from planting trees and picking fruit and vegetables in the great outdoors to packing and processing the fresh produce. 

Along the farm-to-table supply chain, harvest jobs SA cover a wide range of processes, beginning with ground preparation to ready the soil for the seeds and maximise the chances of successful growth. Seeds can then be sown, watered and eventually harvested, and at every stage, skilled machinery operators are in high demand. Once the produce has been harvested, packing sheds and processing plants offer ongoing work – an attractive opportunity for those who prefer to work out of the harsh sun. 

One of the best things about taking on harvest jobs in SA is having the opportunity to travel as you move from one harvest to the next and explore different parts of the state. On a long-haul trip, you can work your way around the whole country and experience all that Australia has to offer. 

Plan for success with agriculture jobs South Australia 

With agriculture jobs in SA available throughout the year, it’s important to consider the type of seasonal work you want to do when making travel plans. For example, if you plan to work on a particular harvest, you may need to travel at a certain time of year. 

With an average daily temperature high of just 22 degrees throughout the year, South Australia has a mild climate relative to the rest of Australia with warm, dry summers – ideal for travelling and working in a harvest. South Australian winters are mild by comparison, and may be the perfect time to make a move, as long as you pack and prepare for a cooler climate. 

South Australia produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables during summers and winters alike, with the warm weather bringing stone fruit, avocados and berries, and the cooler temperatures producing navel oranges, mandarins, pears, quinces and tangelos. 

Are you interested in the agriculture jobs SA has to offer? At Agri Labour Australia, we have a dedicated presence in Renmark, South Australia, to connect our candidates looking for farm work or related agribusiness employment opportunities in the region. 

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