Jul 04, 2019

Winning Ways to Attract and Retain Permanent Staff in the Agriculture Sector – Part 2

This week I’d like to delve a little further into the HR processes that need to be in place for when your new team member joins the business. It’s absolutely critical for you to be organised and prepared with all the relevant documentation, tools, desk space, internal communications and allocated time required to orientate them on their first day.

Well Written Job Descriptions & Success Profiles 

Clearly articulating from the very beginning exactly what the role comprises, and the expected outcomes is critical when you are focused on engaging to retain the right staff.

These should include the key responsibilities of the position and the metrics required to achieve the expected results. Having a well written job description and success profile allows the potential candidate to be fully apprised about the role and outcomes you are looking for.

Success profiles identify the specific knowledge, skills, experience, behavioural competencies and personal attributes required to succeed in the position. Success profiles and job descriptions both assist with the performance review process – allowing you to provide effective feedback for positive reinforcement or to address performance issues.

As a specialist recruitment agency, Agri Labour Australia works closely with our clients to develop job descriptions and success profiles tailored specifically to the roles they are advertising for.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are an essential element for staff and employers that set out the legal rights, responsibilities and obligations of a working relationship.

These contracts assist in mitigating issues such as theft, copyright and unfair dismissal and provide a clear understanding of what is expected from each party.

Have your contracts prepared in alignment with your company policies and the job description/success profile prior to interview so you are fully prepared when engaging your new staff.


Now that you’ve chosen your new staff member, it’s critical that you are fully prepared for their first day. Here’s my tips on making their start to work a smooth one:

  • Make sure you properly introduce them to each member of your team
  • Partner them with a team member who can provide them with helpful information and who has a positive view of the business
  • Have their workspace ready – desk, tools, workshop
  • Be prepared with all the essential forms for pay, taxation, superannuation etc
  • Check in with them yourself during the day and if possible, take them out for a coffee or lunch to gauge how they are feeling
  • Have a well thought out training plan that goes beyond their first day. This not only provides the new staff member with confidence but provides a platform for them to get up to speed and learn their job faster.


Want to know more? Tim Chapman, General Manager (Technical), is a highly skilled recruiter and manager with an extensive agricultural sector network. Equipped with over six years’ industry experience, Tim is responsible for the end-to end recruitment process of all permanent positions and client management and managing our high performing technical recruitment team specialising in agriculture and all supporting industries. Get in touch with Tim on 0499 184 555 or [email protected].

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