Sep 21, 2021

Work Hard & Meet New Workmates at Grain Harvest 2021

Weather permitting, the record-breaking 2021 grain harvest will ramp up in September and we’re currently hiring hard-working individuals to get the job done and experience something different.

You’ll earn great money and learn so much about the agriculture industry, while living the rural dream in parts of Australia not often seen by the casual holidaymaker – or even many city-dwelling locals!

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s another big benefit to working the grain harvest – the warm and welcoming sense of community and the opportunity to make the kind of friends you’ll have for life.  In the grain harvest, you never know who’ll be working beside you. You could become great mates. You could travel the world together! Once borders open up again, that is. At Agri Labour Australia, we’ve seen it happen time and time again.

At the start of every grain harvest, people from around the country arrive on site – some skilled, some unskilled, most of whom don’t know each other. There are grey nomads and young backpackers; working holiday visa-holders and locals from down the road. Friendships form quickly through hard work and a commitment to getting the job done as a team. In-jokes develop, life stories are shared and unforgettable memories are made.

With everything that’s happened due to COVID-19 in the past 18 months – from the lockdowns to the border closures – we’ve never felt more isolated from one another. What we need now is togetherness, and that’s exactly what grain harvest offers. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with people as you work side by side to get the job done. Strong bonds between the most unlikely people are formed year after year at the grain harvest – strengthening both on the job and at the many friendly social events that happen over the course of a season.

“You meet interesting people from all over the world and form lasting friendships. Working alongside ‘salt of the earth’ people who make you appreciate the work they do every time you buy a loaf of bread is something that will stay with us forever.” – Raido Kuiv and Veronica Trisberg

Now’s the time to apply for a role in the 2021 Australian grain harvest. Head to our website to read more about what’s involved and to submit your application!

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