As part of our commitment to supporting our community of workers from the Pacific Islands, we’re excited to announce that we have appointed former rugby league and rugby union star Lote Tuqiri as our new Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) Scheme Cultural Ambassador. 

This partnership is a key part of our plan to expand our industry-leading wellness program and inspire PALM Scheme workers to make the most of their opportunities in Australia.


Our commitment to supporting workers

With support from Fijian-born Lote Tuqiri, we’re proud to provide workers from the Pacific Islands with opportunities to upskill, gain valuable experience and secure their families’ financial futures through the PALM scheme. 

As our Cultural Ambassador, Lote will be working closely with our PALM scheme participants, on-site Wellness Officers, and Australian agricultural businesses to drive connection and engagement with the program, providing the inspiration and support workers need to succeed in their roles.

Beyond fulfilling the requirements of this scheme, we are committed to ensuring that workers are happy, focussed and ready to do their best work.

PALM scheme Lote Tuquiri

Our plan to enhance community engagement

As part of Agri Labour Australia’s broader health and wellness plan for candidates, Lote’s influence will complement the services our Wellness Officers provide for workers, businesses and local communities in regional and rural Australia. 

Through inductions, training and ongoing education and support, our Wellness Officers ensure that workers form strong connections within their local community, including sporting clubs, social groups and churches.

Our comprehensive engagement program for PALM Scheme participants also includes engaging training, regular social events, sporting matches, and quarterly awards.

Get ahead of the game with the PALM Scheme and Agri Labour Australia

To get involved in the PALM Scheme or find out more about how it could benefit your business, reach out to Agri Labour Australia today on 1300 247 823.

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