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Australia is a great destination to work, travel,
earn AUD and save.

Right now, there are lots of jobs available in different seasonal harvests and if you
have a working holiday visa, you can take the opportunity of a life time.

To be eligible for a working holiday visa you must

have a passport

be 18 - 30 years old

be double vaccinated

with a COVID-19 vaccine that Australia recognises

Do you want to experience
life overseas while you save
for a brighter future?

Can you see yourself living and working
in Australia?

Australia is home to a wide range of harvest opportunities for
working holiday makers – and if you’re eligible for a working holiday
visa and want to experience another culture while earning great
money, the Australian agriculture industry is the place to be.

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With borders finally open post-COVID, Australia is ready
to welcome international workers who want to secure
regular hours and earn a great income in the agricultural
industry. Right now, Agri Labour Australia is recruiting for
the Citrus Harvest – an opportunity to spend four to six
months in South Australia grading and packing fruit, getting
paid at or above award rates and creating connections that
could lead to long-term work.

The Citrus Harvest ends in October, but your Australian
work experience doesn’t have to, with plenty of positions on
offer across the blueberry, almond and hops harvests. As a
member of the Agri Labour Australia family, you’ll have
access to an ongoing stream of seasonal work throughout
the year – so you can make your working holiday last.

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*Est. earnings during peak season


The online application will only take 5 minutes or so.
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are you ready to work hard, earn australian dollars, and
experience life in a new country?

南オーストラリア州リバーランド地域では 来たる(これから来る)シトラスのハーベストシーズン
(シトラスの収穫時期) を迎え、様々な素晴らしい仕事のオファーが4〜6ヶ月程度用意されています。

  • Grader

    grading quality of fruit.

  • Packer

    packing fruit into bins, boxes, cartons or trays.

  • Hygiene attendants

    ensuring that all fruit is processed in a safe, hygienic manner.

  • Floor supervisor

    overseeing grading and packing operations.

  • Quality control officer

    ensuring consistent produce quality.

  • Machine operators*

    operating forklifts and transporting produce.

    * Note: all applicants for this role are required to have obtained a forklift licence.

Who is Agri Labour Australia?

Don’t just take our word for it – hear from candidates who have travelled from overseas to work, live and earn in Australia.

Matt & Zoey

Travel & Work Together


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Australian Mango Farm Career


Founded in 2010, Agri Labour Australia is an industry-leading agricultural recruitment specialist, successfully placing thousands of candidates across Australia each year. Since starting our business, we’ve focussed on building a strong sense of community and providing ongoing, on-the-ground support for all of our candidates.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to compliance, offering award rates or above, and ensuring that each of our candidates feel like a valued part of #myagrifamily. If you’re ready to make memories that will last a lifetime, you’re in the right place.


Everything you need to know about working with Agri Labour Australia.

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Where are the roles located?

What kind of work is on offer?

Do I need a visa?

Can I work and live with my friends?

Who can I talk to with questions whilst I am there?

What if I want to continue working after my placement is over?

Do I need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to be able to take part?




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