Jul 01, 2014

Company Annoucement: Agri Labour Australia expands to Western Australia

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our operations to achieve national recruitment capabilities.

On the 1st of July, 2014  Agri Labour Australia officially launched our Western Australian office to service the Western Australian agriculture sector. Our first harvest teams are currently underway in Manjimup and Pemberton and are achieving high levels of quality and productivity.

According to Luke Brown (Director, Agri Labour Australia),

“Although some sections of the agricultural industry might continue to use illegal immigrants and adopt unfair payment practices, there is a clear demand in WA for a service that was compliant with Federal award payments, safety and immigration legislation.”

“It’s a huge time-saver for the farmers if they do not have to find, interview and screen people themselves, let alone if the labour does not have the right skills or attitude. In a sense, we serve as a human resource department and enable farm business to achieve increased productivity.”

Following recent strong performance by our harvest management teams in Victoria, Northern Territory and Tasmania, this recent expansion represents an additional strategic advantage for Agri Labour Australia. We are now able to retain our skilled personnel by offering diverse employment opportunities nationwide. Account Manager, Liam Palmer said,

“The expansion into WA and the seasonal requirements of the agriculture industry were complimentary to Agri Labour’s national approach. We have a team doing the strawberry harvest with a client on the Sunshine Coast. When that draws to a close, we can place the best pickers to work in WA for the harvest which is now underway.”

For further information regarding our harvest and food processing teams in WA please contact Luke Brown via [email protected] 

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