Sep 24, 2014

‘Mature Workforce’ to play key role in future of Agriculture

Mature workers are increasingly adopting a key role in meeting skilled labour gaps in Australian agriculture.

Changing ageist perceptions and embracing workplace diversity, will enable Australian agriculture an opportunity to engage the fastest growing labour segment in Australia.

Regional Australia Institute CEO, Su McCluskey spoke of the positive opportunities a mature workforce can deliver regional Australia,

“It’s time to change our thinking about what an ageing population means to Australia. The next generation of older Australians will be the most educated, diverse, wealthy and experienced to reach the traditional retirement age. Our conversations around ageing need to reflect this by acknowledging not just the challenges, but also the opportunities.”


  • Mature workers make up 39 per cent of total regional workforce
  • Fastest growing labour segment (ABS, 2009)
  • Mature workers lifestyle aligned with cyclical HR demands of Agriculture
  • Mature workers less likely to experience work-related injuries (ABS, 2006)

Acknowledging the significant value of workplace diversity, Agri Labour is proud to continue our commitment to enabling mature workers equal access to employment opportunities in regional Australia. “Amid the challenging labour climate of Australian Agriculture, mature workers contribute a broad range of knowledge, skills and abilities which improves the total quality and productivity of our harvest teams”, said Casey Brown, Agri Labour Director.

With the retirement age likely to raise to 70 in the near future, Australian agriculture is well positioned to engage a growing number of experienced Australians who will be seeking their next career challenge.

To find out what it’s like to experience working all over Australia as a mature aged worker meet Wayne Kennedy

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