Oct 25, 2019

Be A Champion – A Safety Champion

October is National Work Safe Month – a great initiative from Safe Work Australia delivering this year’s message of ‘Be A Safety Champion’.

Agriculture is an exciting industry that offers a wide range of opportunities all over the country. Like many others, agriculture jobs can pose a wide range of risks and hazards that see workers exposed to heavy machinery, chemicals, animals, noise, dust, sun exposure and other extreme elements along with accidents involving power tools, falls and factory equipment.

There’s no doubt work risks can be high but with tighter laws now in place, real improvements to workplace safety statistics are being evidenced across Australian agriculture. The ‘Be A Safety Champion’ campaign raises awareness and further supports those all-important government regulations that see employers being accountable and legally obligated to uphold safety compliance standards for their workers.

However, it’s not just employers who hold the responsibility of safety – it’s workers, managers and those visiting the business who also have a requirement to take reasonable care at all times. As the campaign states, ‘Anyone can be a safety champion and promote best practice work health and safety initiatives at work. We all have a duty and responsibility to build a safe and healthy workplace.’

Dedicated to Safety

Safety is our number 1 priority at Agri Labour Australia and something we continuously work at improving. As at December 2019, our Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIFR) has reduced by 68% since 2015/16 and our Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIFR) has reduced by 48% in the same time.

Agri Labour Australia, Managing Director, Casey Brown says, ‘While it is positive that our statistics are improving, they still need to be better. We are continuously refining and reviewing our safety processes which sees us now ensuring our candidates only go into workplaces that are compliant and meeting all the necessary safety regulations. Our stringent induction processes make sure our workers are fully trained in their safety responsibilities and skilled in identifying and mitigating those potential risks.’

For more information on how you can ‘Be A Safety Champion’ visit WorkSafe Australia

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