Aug 24, 2020

Candidate Conversations – Dene Nichols

Agri Labour Australia Tasmania

Dene Nichols has been a long serving member of the Tasmanian Agri Labour Australia (ALA) Team. A tremendously reliable and dependable worker, Dene is known for his great attitude and exceptional work ethic.

It didn’t take long for our client Huon Aquaculture to also recognise what an asset Dene is – so much that they have given him a full time job at their facilities based in Paramatta Creek, Tasmania.

While we are sad to see Dene go, we are thrilled that his excellent work and professional values have delivered this great result. Before he left, we asked Dene a few questions about his time with ALA.

How long have you worked with Agri Labour Australia?

Going on nearly 4 years now. I worked for over two years at the Spretyon mushroom farm and when it shut down, the team from ALA found me work with Huon Aquaculture.

How did you start with us?

My son-in-law knew someone who worked at the mushroom farm and they connected me with Agri Labour Australia.

What is your role at Huon Aquaculture?

I am a Process Worker. I’ve worked in a few different production areas but currently I am working in the cold smoke area.

What are the main tasks you perform?

In the cold smoke room I clean the floor, grade fish, trim up smoked portions and assist with the packaging of some products.

What’s the best part about your job?

For sure, it’s the fun we have! I get on well with everyone and the team all have a good laugh, which is great for morale and makes the days enjoyable.

What skills have you learned since joining the Agri Labour Australia team?

Absolutely heaps – working on two different job sites really taught me lots of different things. Mushrooms and salmon are very different but both jobs require a good work ethic.

What is the most challenging part of your work?

Getting up early! I usually get to work at about 3-4am.

What are your career goals?

I have always wanted to move into a full time or permanent role. Now my job at Huon has allowed me to achieve this goal and I will work directly for Huon Aquaculture on a full time basis.

How has ALA helped you?

Without ALA I wouldn’t have got the job at Huon so I am very grateful for the assistance that ALA has provided me in getting work and now, this full time role.

What would you tell other people who are considering working for Agri Labour Australia?

To join up! Its that simple. I would definately recommend Agri Labour Australia to my mates and family.

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