Sep 04, 2020

Spring Harvests

farm sunrise

Spring has arrived in Australia and for those in the agriculture industry, this means there are harvesting jobs and plenty of work available across the country.

This is an incredibly busy time in agriculture and at Agri Labour Australia, where we are working hard to make sure our candidates are being connected to great jobs for upcoming harvest and farm projects. Spring in Australia varies in every state – the vastness of our country means that a season in one part of the country can be very different climate in another.

Tasmania remains cold until almost the end of the year, with North Queensland and the Northern Territory staying hot all year round. These significant differences mean crops and harvest times vary enormously and provide lots of job opportunities for seasonal workers, grey nomads and backpackers all over the country!  Gaining experience in one area, can often lead to you following the season for that crop from state to state.

Even with COVID-19 restrictions in place at present, there are many fantastic roles in whichever state of Australia you may be in. Our regional and rural towns are always welcoming and offer a great lifestyle experience while you earn dollars to keep on travelling. Many of our workers love the places they visit so much, they end up staying permanently!

To see what’s happening, here’s a snapshot of just some of the crop harvest and activities happening around Australia during Spring:

Spring Harvests

  • Queensland – grain, vegetables, melons, tomatoes, strawberries and bananas
  • NSW/ACT – grain, berries, vegetables, avocados and citrus
  • Victoria – grain, vegetables, asparagus, tomatoes and stonefruit
  • South Australia – grapes, citrus and stonefruit
  • Northern Territory – mangoes and melons
  • Western Australia – avocados, vegetables, grapes, mangoes, citrus and stonefruit
  • Tasmania – vegetables, hops and planting

Our website has all our latest job opportunities where you can also register your interest for upcoming projects like the 2020 Grain Harvest. This is super exciting work and offers some of the very best seasonal jobs the Australian agriculture industry has to offer. It’s always high on the list of options for many backpackers and international travellers.

Agri Labour Australia work with the best people in the industry and are known for looking after our candidates, great working conditions, industry leading pay rates and so much more. Check out our Spring jobs here!

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