Jun 30, 2020

Candidate Conversations – Renzo Campanella & Ezequiel Vergara

Agri Labour Australia workers

This month we are excited to be chatting with a couple of our favourite Argentinian’s – Renzo Campanella and Ezequiel Vergara. These two hard working young men are both qualified agronomists who have been a fantastic addition to the Agri Labour Australia (ALA) workforce since 2019.

Initially commencing with ALA on last year’s Grain Harvest in Queensland before heading down to Renmark in South Australia for the big citrus season, we are pleased to have them returning for the 2020 Grain Harvest.

Known for their exceptional work ethic, great attitude and always popular wherever they go, we chatted to Renzo and Ezy to find out a bit more about them and what they think about agriculture work in Australia.

How long have you been with Agri Labour Australia?
We started late last year on the Grain Harvest in Emerald where we worked for four months, before joining the citrus season in South Australia.

How did you get started with us?
We applied online for Grain Harvest worker roles.

What roles have you had?
We started as grain samplers and grain handlers. We were provided with all the training that was needed to do the job, but our agronomy background also helped us to pick up the details quickly. We’ve also been forklift operators in the citrus season.

What are the main tasks you performed in these jobs?
As grain handlers we worked mainly in the sampling stand and interacting with truck drivers to analyse their product, and if the quality matched the company standards, got them into the system.

As a forklift operator in the citrus pack shed, I had to safely drive the forklift, moving pallets, fruit bins and all sort of fruit containers – making sure we always followed the quality procedures as directed by our supervisors.

You’ve just finished citrus season – what did you enjoy about this?
It was a really nice season because we had a lot of interaction with many international people. We both made a lot of friends and learned new skills.

You’re now coming back to grain harvest – why?
Because I had a great experience. The work is straight forward and it’s a really good working environment with great people. Working in the grain harvest also allows you to save money.

What’s the best part about working in the grain harvest?
While it is very busy, the work is relatively simple and you can keep learning a lot. We also love being in the countryside – the surrounding nature is beautiful and relaxing.

What skills have you learned since joining the Agri Labour Australia team?
We have learned so much more about farming, grains and storage. This was a new aspect of farming for us, so it’s been excellent at providing with great information to help us in our future agronomy careers.

What is the most challenging part of your work?
The most challenging part was having to make decisions on product quality that can affect the farmers. Sometimes they were not happy about the results, but we had to follow company standards and do what’s best for everyone.

What are your career goals?
We would like to become a full time agronomists here in Australia. We have the skills and knowledge to do it and believe we work hard to perform and do an excellent job.

How has ALA helped you while you’ve been working in Australia?
Having the chance to experience farming at lots of different levels and with different crops – it’s so interesting and we have loved learning.

How have you grown as a person since working with ALA?
We had some challenges because of not having much experience in that field. We both had to study and trust in ourselves to accomplish the goal in the best way possible.

What would you tell other people who are considering working for Agri Labour Australia?
Yes! Go for it! Do not hesitate! It’s a great company, pretty good payrates and their staff are always understanding and ready to listen about their workers concerns.

Where to from here?
Grain season again!

Would you like to stay in Australia? Why?
Yes. We think it’s a great country, where we can grow personally, professionally and financially.

Favourite place in Australia and why?
Sellicks Beach, SA. I love the beach and the quiet environment. It’s not very well known yet so it’s still kind of natural and it’s not far from the city. But, there’s also still a lot to see around this amazing country!

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