Mar 26, 2021

Candidate Conversations – Su Lunga “Rainbow”

Our latest Candidate Conversation is with one of our most memorable people, Su Lunga – which means Rainbow! Living up to her wonderful name, Rainbow brings happiness and smiles wherever she goes.

Rainbow has been a part of the Agri Labour Australia team since 2020, and is known for her positivity, smile, hard work and reliability.

We had a chat with Rainbow about what she likes about working in Australia and what her next plans are for the next year. We love talking with Rainbow and also watching her fantastic YouTube video which we know you’ll enjoy as much as we did.

Name: Su Lunga

English nickname: Rainbow

Birthplace: Alxa, Inner Mongolia, China

How long have you been in Australia?

Arrived in Australia in January 2020

What is the role you are currently performing?   
I have been picking coriander in Nobby, which is a small farming community near Toowoomba in Queensland.

What’s the best part about your job?
People care about each other. There’s not a lot of pressure and it’s nice to see everybody enjoying their work and being calm and relaxed.

What’s the most challenging?
Weather! Sometimes it is hot and wet and some places I visited there were a lot of insects or occasionally, snakes! But this is still OK.

What are your career goals?
For now, I think I want to start my Master’s degree in Linguistics, but what I really want to do, is go home to Mongolia and become a herdsman so I can pass down the traditional culture.

How has ALA helped you while you have been working with us?  

ALA have been very helpful to me. Especially Parris! They found me a job that I could start immediately and were always so considerate in helping me with my accommodation and transport problems.

Favourite place in rural Australia and why?
My favourite rural place is Nobby.  The working atmosphere was great and I saved money while I was there! We also got to spend time on the weekends hiking and exploring interesting places which I really enjoyed.

Advice to anyone wanting to do farm work in Australia?

Working with Agri Labour Australia was the best thing for me! Helpful, encouraging and they placed me with good jobs that paid well.

Where to next?

I’m working in the Gold Coast now, after that I’ll go to Melbourne then Tasmania. I extended my visa so I could be here longer as Australia is just SOOO GOOD!

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