Mar 16, 2021

Looking for a Gap Year Adventure? Get onto Aussie Agriculture!

Australian universities have now officially kicked off for the year. While lots of your friends might be excited and ready to commit to another few long years of study, perhaps you’re just not feeling it. Maybe you’d planned to head overseas to work in the UK while backpacking around Europe but, we all know how that’s going right now…

If adventure is calling you but you’re not sure where to go or where to start, then working in agriculture could be exactly what you’re looking for!

From the stunning tropics of North Queensland to the wilds of Tasmania and everything in between, your choices are endless when it comes to working on farms and seeing Australia.

At Agri Labour Australia we are known for having the best jobs in agriculture. Our clients are checked to ensure they provide our candidates with the best possible working conditions, we make sure you will be part of a positive work culture and get a fair start with the right training and information to do your job well. As for money – we negotiate leading industry hourly rates and guarantee you’ll be paid on time every week.

Work options are flexible with short and medium contracts, or longer stints of up to six months in some places. Many of our clients have multiple sites across different states which means you can travel from site to site as the seasons peak and change.

Cotton harvest is one of the most exciting events on the Australian agriculture calendar. Living and working Queensland or NSW, cotton harvest offers great earning potential, incredible landscapes and a memorable time for those who get the chance to join in.

Learning on the job is all part of working in agriculture so in many cases, it’s not about having experience – it’s about commitment, reliability and having the right attitude. Here’s just some of the options you can choose from when backpacking and working in agriculture:

  • Aquaculture attendants
  • Fruit and vegetable picking
  • Tree planting
  • Harvests – grain, cotton, blueberry, tomato, almond
  • Tractor and machinery operation
  • Poultry
  • Livestock
  • Storage and handling
  • General farm hand

There’s a lot to be said about making a difference and when you work in ag, you know are contributing to the food we eat and the clothes we wear. It’s a truly satisfying feeling!

We live, breath and love Australian agriculture and know people who spend some time in this incredible industry make lifelong friends and fantastic, long lasting memories. Check out our current positions and upcoming harvests today! 

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