Jul 10, 2019

Skilled Forklift Operators – always in high demand!

As Australia’s leading agriculture recruitment agency, Agri Labour Australia are always at the forefront of industry trends and changes. Working closely with our clients to assist them in sourcing the right candidates provides us with firsthand knowledge into high demand skill and qualification areas.

One role consistently in high demand is that of licenced forklift operators. Forklift operators are sought after across a wide range of industries and it’s also a role that can provide interesting job diversity with other duties often making up the full position.

With this skill in much demand, candidates with forklift licences have a great deal of choice and variety when it comes to choosing job types, pay rates and locations.

What does a forklift operator do?

  • operating controls to align forklifts and raise and lower forks to stack and unstack items in warehouses, factories, timber yards and shipping terminals
  • operating forklifts which run on rails or use electronic guidance systems to control movements in narrow aisles
  • loading and unloading trucks with bins or pallets of stock
  • transporting goods to designated areas in warehouses and factories
  • ensuring goods are stored in correct areas so that they can be easily located when orders are made up
  • monitoring equipment operation visually through gauges and instruments and through computerised monitoring equipment
  • inspecting and controlling equipment to identify wear and damage
  • servicing and performing minor repairs and adjustments to forklifts
  • may operate specialised trucks to carry items beneath elevated frames

How much can I earn?

Forklift operators can expect to earn (on average) $25-$30/hour, however many operators can earn higher rates with overtime and leave loading available with some organisations.

How do I get my forklift licence?

To be eligible to apply you must be at least 18 years of age, have a basic understanding of English and be able to follow directions. You will also need to provide 100 points of identification – passport, driver’s licence, birth certificate, address.

You must obtain your training and licence from a Registered Training Provider (RTO). There are two classes of forklift licences:

  1. LF – Forklift equipped with a mast and an elevating load carriage with a pair of fork arms or other attachment
  2. LO – an order picking forklift truck where the operator’s control elevates with the load carriage/lifting media

How long does it take to get a forklift licence?

Most forklift courses are competency based meaning you need to undertake enough hours in order to be able to show you can effectively operate the machine. Each student has different abilities therefore the time taken to become certified can vary but most courses take around two days and cost approximately $400-$600.

For more information and to apply for one of our great jobs, visit the Agri Labour Australia job board or call 1300 247 823

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