Jul 25, 2019

Biosecurity is Everyone’s Business

Earlier this year, the poultry industry was put on high alert after a rare strain of salmonella was found on three farms in NSW. The outbreak affected properties across NSW and Victoria, resulting in the destruction of thousands of eggs and laying chickens.

These outbreaks are not only fraught with huge financial and emotional impacts on farmers but also have a catastrophic effect on the industry. The extent of such impact was seen in 1999 following an outbreak of Newcastle Disease resulting in the slaughter of almost two million chickens across the NSW Central Coast and taking a further ten years to recover.

Working closely to provide our poultry clients with staffing solutions over the last decade has provided Agri Labour Australia (ALA) with a firsthand knowledge of the biosecurity processes necessary to maintain the safest and healthiest industry standards possible.

Casey Brown, Managing Director of Agri Labour Australia says ‘Absolutely everyone in the poultry industry needs to be aware how far reaching and significant these disease outbreaks can be. ALA works with both large and small egg producers around the country, and regardless of the size of the farm, the biosecurity measures must be the same in order to protect the industry as a whole.’

Constantly working in partnership with our clients and with a view to supporting the poultry industry, ALA has invested in developing a documented biosecurity standard for workers. The document is aligned with the strict requirements and processes in place for all poultry farms across the country and forms an integral part of the orientation procedure for ALA poultry workers.

Casey continues ‘We also recognise that our training processes need to be more than reading and signing a document. To better engage and inform our workers, we are developing an animated biosecurity training video that provides a more holistic understanding of the procedures, dangers and legislation.

By incorporating these biosecurity requirements and going above and beyond in our recruitment processes, ALA clients should feel confident that we are equipping workers with the knowledge they need to do their part in protecting their organisation and the poultry industry.’

For more information on how Agri Labour Australia can solve your poultry recruitment needs, visit www.agrilabour.com.au or phone 1300 247 823

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