Dec 15, 2021

Goondiwindi ‘Island’
Country Ingenuity Keeps Ag Moving!

The recent weather events across Queensland saw an unprecedented rainfall across the coast and rural areas of the state. Goondiwindi (our hometown and one of ALA’s office locations) experienced severe flooding, which has had a huge impact on the community and on the current harvests and agriculture industries located in the region.

Regional Manager Goondiwindi, Michelle Sleeth’s home and many other local properties were virtually turned into islands from the flood waters. Michelle said ‘Personally, we were so lucky but what is also great is that even though the town was completely cut off due to the floods, it was also pretty much saved from major damage by a 65 year old levy that has stood the test of time. Unfortunately for farmers, it’s been pretty tough with rain and flood waters affecting their crops.’

Reflecting on the last few years, Michelle added, ‘Many people are only just recovering from the drought so it’s vital that our famers get all the support they can.’

While extreme weather is constant for farmers and rural areas, it hasn’t put a dampener on people’s humour or creativity when it comes to getting work done.

One of ALA’s cotton growing clients had to re plant due to crop losses from the recent flooding. With most of Goondiwindi still cut off, a bit of country ingenuity that saw the seed transported via road, where it was then met by boat and jetski to help get it to its much anticipated destination!

We reckon that’s some great community spirit just in time for the festive season!

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