Dec 14, 2021

Summer Harvest Season
Bumper Crops = Great Job Opportunities = Excellent $$

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How’s your sense of adventure? Is it in need of a big ‘pick me up’ after the doldrums of lockdowns and the challenges of Covid restrictions? Or perhaps you’re weighing up possible career options after finishing school or leaving a job.

As any backpacker jobs Australia, local or grey nomad jobs will tell you, the team at ALA are the way to go if you’re looking for seasonal agriculture roles that allow you to travel and experience different types of farm work. Right now, we are beginning to recruit for three major upcoming harvests including, almonds, rice and hops.

Although there are almond, rice and hops crops grown in many parts of Australia, our agriculture clients are predominately based in NSW, Victoria and South Australia.


Almond Recruitment and Almond harvest commences in February and usually continues through until April. Almonds are the biggest of the three harvests and takes place in various states and towns including Renmark South Australia and the expansive Sunraysia region of Victoria.


The work for rice harvest commences in January when there is plenty of activity in preparation for the actual harvest which starts in mid-February when large rice receivals begin. The rice harvesting season usually goes through until May and is located in NSW in the towns of Leeton, Deniliquin and Colembally.


Hops harvest starts in February and lasts through until April and is located in Australia’s beautiful alpine area of Myrtleford in Victoria. Hops harvest is not only great, but also offers one of the best environments in which to work. The area has much to offer with extensive National Parks, a thriving rural town with a great social atmosphere and excellent accommodation options.

Why Choose ALA?

At Agri Labour Australia, we make it simple for people to apply for harvest work through our streamlined recruitment processes. You can also be reassured that your employer has been screened to ensure that you are working in a safe environment and will be paid on time each week at competitive rates.

Our recruiters are always contactable should you need some support or questions answered and we also have an ALA team member regularly onsite to make sure our people are being treated well and the work is what you have agreed to.

We also like rewarding good work with staff incentives and making sure you are connected with another great job or even a supervisory position if you’ve really performed well! Just read the awesome Facebook reviews from our candidates if you need more convincing.

Sign me up!

We know, ALA is an awesome company to work for and so will you! So, to get the process started, simply visit our Upcoming Harvests page and register your details. Once done, one of our recruitment consultants will be in touch to ask you some questions and get you started on your new Agri labour jobs and agriculture career journey!

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