Jan 24, 2020

January 2020 – New Beginnings

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The New Year has arrived and for many parts of Australia, it has been a catastrophic beginning across our drought affected country.

Thankfully, we are seeing some promising rain which has been exciting for the farmers and residents in rural NSW and Queensland. While the falls haven’t been enough to fully impact those areas that haven’t seen rain for many years, it’s a positive and welcome start.

While the drought and fires continue to affect the Australian agriculture industry, our team is still very busy recruiting and placing candidates all over the country for the summer harvest and other seasonal primary production activities.

Over a four week time period leading up to 17 January, our recruitment consultants placed 823 candidates in roles all over Australia! From Far North Queensland all the way down to Tasmania, we have been connecting clients with skilled workers in a diverse variety of jobs including; tractor operators, fruit pickers, vegetable packers, electricians, mechanics and other trades, poultry workers, truck drivers, irrigation managers and more.

Our growing numbers of candidate placements during these times of challenge is a strong indication of just how large and resilient the Australian agriculture industry is. It’s also a reflection of the efforts of the Agri Labour Australia Team and our dedication and capability in operationalising skilled workforces across all sectors.

With exciting new initiatives being launched from our business later this year, we are primed and ready for a busy and productive journey in 2020.





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