Feb 20, 2020

Tasmania – A World Class Agricultural Powerhouse!

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Our most southern state might be small in size but when it comes to its impact on the Australian agriculture industry, Tasmania is mighty impressive.

Recognised across the globe for its world class produce and some of the cleanest air on the planet, Tasmania plays a pivotal role in supplying the Australian domestic and overseas markets with a variety of produce including dairy, lamb, beef, poultry, salmon and seafood, along with fruit and vegetables and other crops.

With over 40% of the island protected National Park and 28% dedicated to agriculture, Tassie is a produce powerhouse providing endless career opportunities for those that wish to enter the exciting agriculture industry.

Having first established a Tasmanian presence in 2013 with a leading potato operation, Agri Labour Australia has since opened two offices in the ‘Island State’ in Devonport and Hobart, to better connect with our clients and candidates.

Luke Brown, Co-Founder and Commercial Director of Agri Labour Australia was the first representative of the team in Tasmania and believes the agriculture industry operates in a significantly different way to the rest of Australia.

‘Tasmania has a rich, long and very successful history of agriculture and it shows in their communities, values and approach to various challenges. The TAPG (Tasmanian Agricultural Productivity Group) is also unique in that it represents the primary, secondary and service levels of Tasmanian agriculture – giving voice to all sectors within the Tasmanian ag space through a cohesive and focused state based body that’s dedicated to the success of the industry.’

Luke believes another big plus in Tasmanian agriculture is the commitment to compliance and safety. ‘Our business is extremely focused on only working with clients who are industry compliant to ensure workers are trained, safe, productive and being paid what they should be. We have an extensive national footprint with clients and workers all over Australia – and it’s our Tasmanian operators definitely leading the way in meeting all those industry standards.’

From apples and aquaculture, to medicinal industries, vegetables, FMCG and trades – Agri Labour Australia continues to support primary producers and connect candidates across all corners of the exciting Tasmanian agriculture industry.

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