Dec 29, 2020

Looking for Harvest Work? Choose your Employer Wisely!

In recent weeks there have been several stories about business operators doing the wrong thing by farm workers employed to do picking and other harvesting duties. While this is disappointing news, we thought it’s a good time to explore how you can best protect yourself when looking for employment in the Australian agriculture sector.

Connect with a Reputable Labour Hire Company

Of course, we have to say that working with Agri Labour Australia is always your best and safest option! We have closely screened our clients to make sure they are compliant to all industry standards for your work environment, duties and your pay.

We have great clients and rewarding work all over Australia, however, in the event that you might be sourcing farm work outside of ALA, here’s a few things you should be looking for to make sure you’re going to be working on a farm where you’ll be treated fairly:

  • Training – you are shown your job and provided with all the necessary information so you can do your job to the best of your ability.
  • Safety – when you start, you are advised of the safety and hygiene measures in place on the farm and what is expected from you to keep yourself and your teammates safe.
  • Wages – being paid the correct rate with any included loadings/entitlements. Beware of operators who try to negotiate cash deals with you before you’ve even started.
  • Respect – you and your teammates are communicated with in a respectful manner at all times.

There are many farm jobs across the country offering great incentives to good, hard working staff. From accommodation, meals, access to vehicles and unlimited internet access – a smart business will value their staff and treat them well.

With the Australian summer harvest season now in full swing, ALA has a range of fantastic job opportunities for both experienced farm workers and beginners. From the tropics of the Northern Territory and Queensland, to the outback of NSW, Victoria and Western Australia and down to the beautiful cooler climates of South Australia and Tasmania, we’ve got great agriculture roles to suit all levels.  All you need is a great attitude and a commitment to doing your best work!

If you’re travelling and keen to see the country while you work, we’ll try to keep connecting you to work in the places you’re heading. Alternatively, you can check out our website and view the extensive range of jobs and locations we have on offer and choose where you’d like to go.

Visit our Candidates page today for our current roles, upcoming harvests and much more!

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