Feb 19, 2021

Get to Know the ALA Team – Rhys Hensens

With agriculture recruitment busier than ever and so many fantastic candidates joining the Agri Labour Australia (ALA) family, we thought it was time we introduced some of our team members to you.

We spend a lot of time choosing the right people to represent ALA. As a family owned business, we look for those who share the same strong values as ourselves. We are a genuine bunch of people, who are dedicated to helping candidates find rewarding employment while also making a real difference to the Australian agriculture industry.

One such person is Rhys Hensens (sometimes known as Smiley!), who is our latest Tasmanian branch recruit. Tasmanian born and bred, Rhys’s qualifications as a diesel mechanic and knowledge of heavy vehicles means that he understands the agriculture industry from a different perspective.

Equipped with various licences including forklift, Rhys is able to assist in assessing and training new candidates to help skill them up for new roles. His great attitude and easy going way with people make him a popular staff member with both colleagues and candidates.

Always ready to help and highly excitable when it comes to motorsport, here’s what else we know about Rhys ‘Smiley’ Hensens.

Name: Rhys Hensens

Role: Account Manager (Tasmania)

Office location: Devonport, Tasmania

Qualifications/trades: Cert 3 Heavy Road Transport, forklift and truck licence

What did you do before joining ALA?

I gained an apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic at a local truck workshop in the Devonport area straight after high school and spent five years there. After that, I moved to the local Toyota dealership in the light vehicle sector, and focused on Toyota and Isuzu training for almost seven years.

What drew you to working with ALA?

I enjoy seeing new places and learning the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how everything works. The agriculture industry certainly has plenty to learn and see! I have wanted to move off the tools full time, back to a hobby, and I thought this role would be an ideal way to help people. So far it has been very rewarding, and most people are appreciative of the effort we put in!

What skills (unique or otherwise) do you bring to your role?

Good question, I think there are some transferable skills from the mechanical world to this one. One thing I bring with me from my time with Toyota is the mindset of ‘Kaizen’ which means ‘continuous improvement’. I think it’s important to constantly evolve and I like to apply this to my professional and personal life.

Most recently, I have adopted the unofficial title of the ALA Fleet Maintenance Technician – getting my hands back on the tools is something I still enjoy!

What are you enjoying about working with ALA?

The workplace culture, everyone is so helpful, I am so appreciative!

I love the challenge of learning new things, so this role has certainly put me to the test. It is great to learn how the food we eat gets from paddock to plate, and it is great to be a part of that as well.

I also love to socialise – this job sees me meeting heaps of great new people!

Where did you grow up?  

East Devonport! Local boy through and through!

What are your hobbies and interests?

Big fan of motorsport, Pikes Peak Hill climb, Isle of Mann TT, Dakar rally, anything that gets sideways very fast. I also have a passion for 1970’s and 1980’s Toyotas.

Hobbies include all sorts of things – I enjoy gaming and music (not much good at playing, enthusiastic at listening!) working on my own cars to make them unique, woodwork and metal work is fast becoming a passion and spending time with my kids. Photography is awesome fun, specifically macro and landscape shots, the list goes on!

Do you have a secret talent?!

If I told you, would it still be a secret?

Favourite place in Australia and why?

Tassie! Best place on earth I think. Coastal NSW and the Great Ocean Road are pretty cool and I have always wanted to go to Paronella Park, the Daintree, and drive to the tip of Qld.


Considering a career in the amazing Tasmanian agriculture sector? Get in touch with us today on 1300 247 823.

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