Feb 10, 2017

Queensland farmers keen to invest in technology, plant and equipment

Farmers across the state are gearing up to invest more in technology, and plant and equipment, according to CBA’s latest Agri Insights report, which surveys 1600 farmers bi-annually.

While agriculture is one of the world’s oldest industries, Queensland’s farmers have proven themselves a modern and forward-thinking with increased investment in their sights.


Thanks to improved market conditions, more than a quarter (26 per cent) of farmers intend to invest in plant and equipment in the new future. That’s a 10 per cent increase on the same period in 2015.


CBA’s latest agricultural survey shows intentions to invest in technology are at an all-time high. As many as two-thirds of state’s farmers believe digital technology is a boon for business and has the potential to add value to the industry.

Twenty-two per cent of respondents say they will increase investment in tech going forward. More than half already actively share their own production data, embracing the opportunity to learn and improve.

Commodity sectors in Queensland are performing strongly across the board, led by beef, cotton and horticulture. Nineteen per cent of horticulture producers surveyed say they will upscale operations by investing in new technology and infrastructure.

Impact on recruitment

It follows that this new investment trend is set to have a big impact on agricultural recruitment. After all, these new systems and machines aren’t going to run themselves!

We predict new and exciting positions will open up on our clients’ farms – some never before seen. As a result, agricultural recruiters will need to work more closely with clients to understand the new technologies and skillsets required for optimum effectiveness and efficiency.

This will likely give rise to new training requirements and induction procedures, along with the implementation of revised key performance indicators that measure ROI.

As it is now and has been since time immemorial, achieving better results for farmers is the end goal. A goal that can only be reached with the right candidates behind the scenes.

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