Cannabis Jobs Australia

Agriculture specialists Agri Labour have the networks and know-how to assemble horticulture workforces for approved medical marijuana and hemp operations in Australia.

Agri Labour Australia delivers wholly compliant, high-performing horticulture workforces for Australia’s medical cannabis industry

Our team understands the strict regulations governing the marijuana farms that produce and process legal medical cannabis and hemp products. Working with an experienced, fully accredited labour hire recruiter is an essential element of marijuana farm compliance and the cannabis industry.

Agri Labour is rigorously compliant in all aspects of horticulture job recruitment, with licensing and accreditations from RCSA, Staff Sure and the Queensland Government.

Many of Australia’s largest farmers depend on us to provide hard-working, fully compliant staff with the right mix of skills and experience to fill the right cannabis jobs.

Highly productive workforces with the right mix of skills

Agri Labour Australia has been supplying Australia’s highest-performing horticulture workforces to growers and producers since 2010.

Our experience dealing with every possible scenario and challenge in agriculture is knowledge we bring to your medical marijuana farm or processing facility, ensuring you have a workforce that understands the time sensitivities and benchmarks involved.

All workers we source for your medical cannabis or hemp products operation – whether permanent or contract – are fully briefed on expectations and standards of behaviour prior to starting work.

Staffing your project

Our experienced team regularly recruits for permanent and contract horticulture jobs based across regional and rural Australia:

Permanent roles

  • Greenhouse manager jobs
  • Cultivation manager jobs
  • Leading hand jobs
  • Crop worker jobs
  • Irrigation technician/manager jobs
  • Sanitation supervisor/coordinator jobs
  • Warehouse supervisor/manager jobs

Contract roles

  • Labourer jobs
  • Farm hand jobs
  • Crop trimmer jobs
  • Crop worker jobs

Our decade-long history and agriculture specialisation has helped us develop Australia’s most extensive database of agriculture job candidates.

Leverage our networks to connect with the qualified or unskilled workers you need for your next medicinal cannabis harvest.

Tap into our vast networks of candidates

Given that commercial marijuana farms are relatively new in Australia, there are not a great deal of job candidates with prior experience in this commodity.

Medical marijuana and hemp represent an exciting new growth industry for our recruiters to apply their agriculture expertise. One of Agri Labour’s biggest strengths is our exclusive agriculture focus and the international networks and recruitment channels we have built over the past decade.

No job recruitment agency is better positioned to tap into experienced international workers and draw on a pool of suitable horticulture workers.

Confidentiality measures in place

While confidentiality on all farms is important, we understand this is an especially sensitive issue on marijuana farms and for those operating in the medical cannabis industry.

Selecting candidates who understand the importance of confidentiality and compliance is vitally important, and this is something we take extremely seriously at Agri Labour.

We can arrange for medical marijuana farm or processing facility employees to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) if necessary regarding your location and practices.

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