Remote area specialists Agri Labour Australia assemble reliable workforces to work on solar farms throughout Australia.

Our solar farm recruitment experts deliver high performing, multi-skilled workforces that optimise productivity

No matter where your solar farm is based in Australia, Agri Labour Australia has the resources required to staff your project.

We connect you with reliable, experienced candidates for work in remote locations. Managing associated logistics, transport and relocation is all part of our award-winning agriculture recruitment service.

Our broad digital and traditional networks enable us to tap into a vast candidate base with the mix of skills and experience you require.

Increase your productivity with the right staff on board

Whether you’re looking for unskilled labourers, trade-qualified staff or experienced managers for your solar operation, we can secure the personnel on your wish list.

At Agri Labour Australia, we’re aware that rising labour costs mean productivity and output must be optimised. Since our launch in 2010, we’ve been successful at increasing production outputs for large client projects year on year.

Using industry-leading strategies, our team has managed to consistently increase productivity for clients while minimising safety risks.

Solar farm positions we recruit for

We regularly partner with clients across all agriculture sub-sectors to find suitable candidates for the following positions:

  • Construction staff
  • Trade-qualified staff (electricians and diesel fitters)
  • Machinery operators (loader, telehandler, forklift, MR/HR truck drivers)
  • Carpenters
  • Quality Assurance (QA) staff
  • Project managers and supervisors to oversee and manage large teams of workers
  • Workplace health & safety representatives

Accommodating your schedule and timelines

Projects in the solar industry can last anywhere between six months and two years – a factor our recruiters take into account when assembling teams.

From Day 1, our business was set up to mobilise skilled workforces to regional and remote locations throughout Australia for specific periods of time.

At Agri Labour Australia, we are confident in our ability to address your staffing needs better than anyone else in the country. The fact that we place 3000+ workers every year is testament to this.

Candidates who understand what’s expected of them = minimal attrition and high staff retention

Agri Labour Australia operates with a commitment to total transparency with clients and candidates. All candidates we place are clearly briefed in advance on the duration of their duties and the conditions they’ll be working under.

Our teams arrive fully prepared to perform outdoor work in locations with limited infrastructure, facilities and accommodation.

Because Agri Labour Australia manages multiple projects for agriculture operations across the country, we have the added advantage of being able to incentivise candidates to stay the course of a single project with promises of ongoing work.

Addressing your most pressing concerns

Selecting the right candidates who understand expectations minimises staff turnover. Our workers know that if they stay the course and prove themselves, they will benefit from further opportunities.

We’re committed to providing the level of skill and experience you require, which we understand can be challenging when you’re competing for staff with the high-paying mining industry. Our in-depth databases and unparalleled digital reach are how we get it done. 

Agri Labour Australia’s specialist agriculture recruiters also understand the challenge of managing large workforces in terms of operational outputs, pastoral care and logistics. Our team is experienced at overcoming any and all staffing issues of this nature.

Uncompromising on safety and workplace compliance

As a licensed labour hire provider verified by StaffSure and RCSA, Agri Labour Australia is committed to fair pay and treatment for all labour hire workers in the agriculture industry.

You can be confident that you’re partnering with a licensed labour hire provider when you work with Agri Labour Australia.

As an experienced recruitment specialist working exclusively for the agriculture industry, we go above and beyond to comply with all safety and IR requirements.

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