Are you looking for farm work that offers exceptional money making opportunities and also delivers the goods on adventure, fun and an unforgettable travel experience?!

With overseas travel still a distant dream for us at the moment, there’s never been a better time to work in the Australian outback.

From September through until December, broadacre farms are in full harvest swing! We have options aplenty when it comes to short and mid term roles for people who are looking to put in some muscle and hours to reap the financial and personal benefits of being a critical part of Australian agriculture.

The work

You’ll be working on farms located across Central and Western Queensland, Central NSW and northern inland areas of Victoria. Primarily focused on grain and cotton, our clients run major operations that require significant numbers of people for a range of harvest roles.

Broadacre harvesting is a big and important event in the agriculture calendar; it involves harvesting this year’s grain crops and also preparing and planting fields for next year’s cotton crops.

Some jobs will run for four weeks, with others providing the option of up to three months – longer for those who prove themselves to be great workers and who want to stay on.

We will be looking to fill the following jobs:

  • Header operators ($40-45/hour)
  • Chaser bin operators ($30-35/hour)
  • Truck drivers ($35-40/hour)
  • Farm labourers & Irrigation teams ($30-$35/hour)

Seasonal farm roles Australia

What’s on offer

Whether you’re experienced or still building your skills, there are plenty of rewards including:

  • Excellent wages ranging from $30/hour up to $45/hour!
  • Plenty of hours – between 50 and 70 hours/week
  • Free accommodation (some meals may be provided depending on the farm)
  • Exciting and rewarding work
  • Experience and explore outback Australia
  • Work in a great team environment
  • Longer term options for those who want to stay
  • We link you to your next job

Who we need

Those with previous experience in agriculture or who have skills/licences in operating tractors & heavy machinery or knowledge of irrigation are strongly encouraged to apply. For those who don’t quite fit that criteria but LOVE working hard and are keen for the opportunity – please get in touch and chat to one of our consultants about your existing skills and experience.

Australian agriculture is in need of good staff, so by getting on board (even just for a few weeks!), you’ll be making an impact on this amazing industry. Find Broadacre Farming Recruitment.


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