General FAQs


How does Agri Labour Australia work?

Agri Labour Australia is one of Australia’s largest privately owned agriculture recruitment companies. We deliver workforce optimisation solutions and recruitment services for permanent and casual staff. Once employed by Agri Labour Australia as a casual candidate, you are a direct employee of our organisation (not the client). This means we pay you, we remain in constant contact with you, and we work with you in the same way as a direct employer.

We operate legally, abide by all Australian employment laws and ensure our employees’ safety and welfare.

How do I apply for a job with Agri Labour Australia?

Agri Labour Australia encourages applications from a diverse range of candidates.

All vacancies are posted on the Agri Labour Australia website. We also advertise our upcoming projects on social media and on select digital job boards.

To be considered for a role, you must have the right to work in Australia. For some, this is permanent residency or citizenship. For others, it’s having a valid Working Holiday Visa or other valid visa with working rights.

You are then required to submit your application on the Agri Labour Australia website, providing a resume and other related information.

Please note: having valid working rights does not automatically qualify you for a position. Applications are competitive, and decisions are made based on merit, previous skills and experience.

What kinds of jobs are available?

Agri Labour Australia offers a variety of positions. These range from general labouring and machinery operation through to management and administration.

Some roles have specific requirements, including a minimum of five years’ experience or valid Australian licences and tickets.

You are required to submit honest applications, giving a true indication of your experience and abilities. Failure to do so and poor performance on the job can lead to dismissal.

We encourage candidates to be truthful because there’s every chance that we could have a role that matches your experience.

Where are the jobs based?

Agri Labour Australia operates nationally with clients in every Australian state and territory. This means there are plenty of opportunities year around in various locations.

It’s important to note that we operate in the agriculture industry, which means most locations are remote or regional. Generally, opportunities are not located close to major capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

How long do the jobs last?

One of the challenges of working in agriculture is that the industry can be very weather-dependent. Unfortunately, this means that while we do our best to give accurate time frames for any job, it can be cut short or prolonged due to the weather and other seasonal effects.

This requires great flexibility and versatility from our candidates. While we do our best to be as accurate as possible, certain factors are beyond our control.

What equipment will I need for work?

Equipment required for work will depend on your role. Your Agri Labour Australia consultant will let you know what you need to bring.

At a minimum, most contract roles require steel capped, ankle-length safety boots, work pants or shorts, and high-visibility shirts. Please note that requirements vary greatly from job to job and industry to industry.

What costs are covered by Agri Labour Australia?

Agri Labour Australia is an employer and will pay candidates’ wages. Costs of travelling to Australia and transportation from one job to another are not covered by Agri Labour Australia.

What can I expect on my first day of work?

Prior to starting work, candidates will be required to complete the Agri Labour Australia induction process. While this varies from job to job, all employees complete a Safety Induction.

Other jobs may require you to complete medicals or drug and alcohol tests. At work, candidates will be inducted on site and may receive on-the-job training. Regardless, Agri Labour Australia will ensure you feel prepared before you start work.

Who do I speak to if I have questions?

Your Recruitment Consultant will be your go-to if you have any questions or concerns. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction with any queries you may have.

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