Dec 20, 2018

Top Safety Tips for Ag Workers

As one of Australia’s leading agriculture industry recruitment companies we want to keep our workers safe.

Farms, factories, processing plants, logistics and other agribusiness have a high rate of workplace injury incidents and it’s something Agri Labour Australia are committed to seeing improved.

The nature of the work involved in the agriculture industry can lend itself to accidents that could easily be avoided if everyone took the issue seriously and committed to a culture of safety for themselves and their colleagues at all times.

Machinery such as tractors, quad bikes and forklifts are notorious for causing injury. This is a key reason why Agri Labour Australia ensure that only licenced and experienced operators are eligible for our roles. We also work closely with clients to understand their WHS processes and procedures and assist them in refining areas to prevent potential accidents to our candidates.

Here are the key tips we believe go a long way in keeping you safe so you can enjoy working in the Australian agriculture industry:

  • Make sure you receive an on-site induction on day one!
  • Wear the recommended PPE for your role at all times.
  • If you think something is dangerous, report it to your supervisor immediately.
  • Carrying or using your mobile phone while working in an agricultural role is generally prohibited – your Instagram story can wait!
  • Many agricultural jobs are in a dusty environment – if you have any dust allergies or asthma it’s important that you are honest about this. It’s your health at stake!
  • Be aware of any machinery operating (like a forklift or tractor) around you and keep clear
  • If you are not trained and signed off to use machinery/equipment, you must avoid using it until you have been fully trained.
  • Helmets on quad or other motor bikes are a necessity. The injury and death statistics as a result of the incorrect use of these vehicles is frightening.
  • Safety procedures are there for you and your team mate’s protection – ensure you follow them.
  • If you work outside – be aware of sun safety. The Australian sun is much harsher than other countries. Wear a hat, collared shirt with long sleeves, sunscreen and sunglasses (if permitted).
  • If you see a snake, do not attempt to chase it away or pick it up – alert your supervisor immediately.
  • Heat stroke can and does happen to anyone – keep drinking water at all times!
  • Never forsake safety for speed!

Keeping safe sees you and your colleagues getting home at the end of the day.

For more information on work safety tips visit Safe Work Australia

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